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[ Pdf Voyage ☆ nsfw PDF ] by Stephen Baxter Ý Derivative and dull.
Baxter draws on meticulous research to weave a convincing narrative of what would have happened if NASA had attempted to put an astronaut on Mars instead of building the great white elephant that was the Space Shuttle A fascinating slice of speculative fiction for anyone still pining for the flying cars and moon bases we were promised.
The Space Mission Of A Lifetime An Epic Saga Of America S Might Have Been, Voyage Is A Powerful, Sweeping Novel Of How, If President Kennedy Had Lived, We Could Have Sent A Manned Mission To Mars In The S Imaginatively Created From The True Lives And Real Events Voyage Returns To The Geniuses Of NASA And The Excitement Of The Saturn Rocket, And Includes Historical Figures From Neil Armstrong To Ronald Reagan Who Are Interwoven With Unforgettable Characters Whose Dreams Mirror The Promise Of A Young Space Program That Held The World In Thrall There Is Dana, The Nazi Camp Survivor Who Achieves The Dream Of His Hated Masters Gershon, The Vietnam Fighter Jock Determined To Be The First African American To Land On Another Planet And Natalie York, The Brilliant Geologist Astronaut Who Risks A Career And Love For The Chance To Run Her Fingers Through The Soil Of Another World 3,7 5 Stephen Baxter 1986 1969 , Ares Baxter , 1969 1985 Natalie York ,.
This is an alternate history novel that I enjoyed years ago, with some caveats.
I will immediately digress and admit that my thinking of this book is changing, thanks to H Honsinger s insightful review, letting us know of Baxter s alleged plagiarism That allegation, which I believe is well grounded, makes me reluctant to give this the four stars I believed it deserved.
The story evolves from the crucial what if that is the traditional pivot point for the alternate history novel In this case, what if President John F Kennedy survived assassination in 1963, and went on to advocate a Mars project in the 70s and 80s instead of a space shuttle program It is a fascinating premise Although holes could certainly be poked in it, it s sti Definitely my favorite Baxter Unlike most Baxter fare, there is no big thinking , no Xeelee, no looming destruction of the universe It is, quite simply, a novel of what might have been and very nearly was if NASA had been allowed to continue in the footsteps of Apollo all the way to Mars It is written in parallel perspectives, looking at the mission itself as it runs its course, and at the preparations, political wangling and engineering that precede it The heroine, Natalie York, is followed closely as Baxter explores her long personal journey in parallel with the preparations, as it becomes clear to the reader and to herself just how much one has to sacrifice to become an astronaut The quiet geologist becomes an astronaut and an unwilling hero as she reaches fo After Apollo 11, a special task force gave Nixon three choices for the future of the space program robots only, the space shuttle, and Mars Nixon chose the shuttle this book is a what if that imagines the development of human spaceflight if Nixon had chosen Mars instead There is a great deal of technical detail, which isn t really my thing, but this book also takes a very sophisticated and balanced examination of the complexities of what such a decision might mean In addition to the dream of Mars, you also get hard looks at the human costs, both for the astronauts and those who sacrifice their families and health in order to keep them flying, surprising consequences for the unmanned space program ie, little things like the Voyager missions get cut , fascinating This book blatantly recycles events that happened in the real space program and literally rips off events and characters wholesale from other books, most notably ANGLE OF ATTACK by Mike Gray JK Lee is Harrison Stormy Storms right down to the wife who tries to commit suicide by overdosing on meds or how he keeps the program going by cheating on his time cards.

It is difficult to classify the genre of this novel but it comes closest to alternate history In this story, J.
F Kennedy does not die, and Richard Nixon chooses not to develop the space shuttle program, but instead to launch a manned spacecraft to Mars The story is jam packed with engineering and science, peppered with occasional politics While it focuses on a few characters primarily NASA s first woman astronaut a PhD geologist and a few engineers, the main character is really the engineering process that NASA and its contractors use to develop the spacecraft Therefore, I highly recommend this book to all engineers, especially system engineers and system integrators The book could have been shorter the technical details go on and on It is without a doubt, the most techn The seeds to all good literature lies in two wordswhat ifTake an occurrence in human history and imagine an alternative outcome to it and voila you have material for a good book in your hands These flights of fantasy are what makes alternative history books some of my favorite reads.
Here is an America where JFK survived the assassination attempt Shattered and bound to his wheelchair, he urges the space program onward A world where the Nixon administration did not drop the guillotine on the manned Mars program and finally in 1985, the USA lands a trio of people on Mars I found this premise very very interesting and Baxter did deliver a colorful roller coaster ride in all of these 600 pages Much than telling the story of three astronauts who go to Mars, the author here focuses on NASA This then means the focus is on this technological organizat

Stephen Baxter is a trained engineer with degrees from Cambridge mathematics and Southampton Universities doctorate in aeroengineering research Baxter is the winner of the British Science Fiction Award and the Locus Award, as well as being a nominee for an Arthur C Clarke Award, most recently for Manifold Time His novel Voyage won the Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History Novel of the