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[Khushwant Singh] Ò The Portrait of a Lady [cameroon PDF] Read Online à Well After a long long time I read Khuswant Singh I like his simple language, the funny bones and ofcourse and amazing Indian narrative each of the stories can make you laugh, think and enjoy an amazing read Literally, most stories in this book shouldn t have made it to the book and stayed in the author s notebook What an insincere piece of work A wonderful mix of entertaining and thought provoking stories Some of them were not so appealing but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
Khushwant singh was having a very unique style of writing which I loved the most This was my third book by him and I have been a fan of his words since the first one.
Overall a great entertaining read.
Must read for all who want to have a good dose of laughter.
Looking forward to read the second volume soon.
This is a trove of great short stories Each story has a unique feeling attached to it and leaves a lasting impression My favourite among the list of short stories in this book is The Portrait of a Lady and it has made me emotional, inspired me to write short stories for my blog Khushwant Singh means talent and quality, and his distinct skill of storytelling is awe inspiring.
This a collection of short stories penned by the Sardar of prosevery interesting, and imbibes the earthy humor of life in middle class India in full measure The title story is an account of a the life of the author s grandmother It is very touching and thought provoking The collection is interspersed with certain gems that I would rate very highly amongst the best in the genre of short stories that I have readPlease do read it, leaves you feeling light and happy, like you have had a nice meal.
I always enjoy Khushwant Singh.
he never fails to entertain meMay his soul rest in peace

What s there not to like about his stories Absolutely unputdownable Without a doubt this is the most exhaustive collection of Khushwant Singh s short stories The author is as comfortable writing short stories as he is writing novels The stories are varied and typical of KS The penultimate story called Wanted A Son could not have been written by anyone else If one is a KS fan, this is a must read.
not a very exiting collection may be when he got famous with short stories people didn t had much to read or may be that these stories are from his beginning of his life so not is best work i am a big fan of his but this is not him may be he is him in making but definitely not the best work.
if i was at all unsure about picking up another set of short stories, singh s own words put me at ease i believe that short stories should conform to tradition in being short, having a good beginning, middle and end preferably a surprise ending with some message to convey his stories do not disappoint, each one ending with a wry smile together they paint a picture of india, from government bureaucracy to marriages arranged primarily and love, in laws, and varying views of the west the range of characters whose perspective he writes from and convincingly is truly impressive.
A Khushwant Singh Short Story Is Not Flamboyant But Modest, Restrained, Well Crafted Perhaps His Greatest Gift As A Writer Is A Wonderful Particularity Of Description London Magazine Khushwant Singh First Established His Reputation As A Writer Through The Short Story His Stories Wry, Poignant, Erotic And, Above All, Human Bear Testimony To Khushwant Singh S Remarkable Range And His Ability To Create An Unforgettable World Spanning Over Half A Century, This Volume Contains All The Short Stories Khushwant Singh Has Ever Written, Including The Delightfully Tongue In Cheek The Maharani Of Chootiapuram , Written In Khushwant S Stories Enthrall He Has An Ability Akin To That Of Somerset Maugham The Ability To Entertain Intelligently India Today His Stories Are Better Than Those Of Any Indian Writing In English Times Of India The Collected Short Stories Leaves The Reader In A Delightful, Inebriated Trance Sunday Chronicle He Is Not An Ordinary Short Story Writer Collected Stories Is Delightful Reading Hindustan Times

Khushwant Singh, Punjabi , Hindi born on 2 February 1915 in Hadali, British India, now a part of Punjab, Pakistan, was a prominent Indian novelist and journalist Singh s weekly column, With Malice towards One and All , carried by several Indian newspapers, was among the most widely read columns in the country.An important post colonial novelist writing in English, Sing