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[ Pdf The Darkly Splendid Realm ↠´ m-m-sports-romance PDF ] by Richard Gavin ↠´ This collection of dark short stories was pretty powerful I really liked the Dread Moth installment If you re into Lovecraftian style horror, you will really enjoy Gavin s collection I d really like to see a novel length book from Gavin in the future Another fine collection of short horror fiction from Gavin, whose voice blends hints of Arthur Machen, M.
R James and H.
P Lovecraft, yet updates all three of them ably into the 21st century Like Poe and Ligotti, he s fond of declarative statements which sound normal on first reading, then twist into something dreadful and alien when you try to parse them further Particularly unique Children of the Mound , The Astral Mask , Waterburns Also includes his novella Primeval Wood , previously available from Burning Effigy Press.
If You Ve Felt Eyes Studying You From The Shadows, It Has Seen You If Crooked Branches Have Rapped Upon Your Window At Night, It Has Summoned You If Your Dreams Are Plagued By Half Glimpsed Terrors, It Has Claimed You From One Of The Most Gruesomely original Voices In Contemporary Horror Comes This Book Of Thirteen Nightmares Richard Gavin Will Plunge You Into Underworlds Of Hellish Beauty Give You Flight On Dread Moths Wings Tend For You A Thicket That Blooms With Feral Children More Than A Volume Of Horror Tales, This Collection Offers Visions Of A Realm Whose Splendours Are As Illuminating As They Are Dark As I already said in my review of Omens, I ve rapidly become a big fan of Richard Gavin, but Omens felt a little slight to me Fortunately, The Darkly Splendid Realm solves that problem in spades While there were several great stories in Omens, The Darkly Splendid Realm was pretty much nothing but.
Special mentions must go to Prowling Through Throated Chambers, which would have been enough to sell me on the collection on its own merits even if I d never heard of Richard Gavin, Waterburns, The Bitter Taste of Dread Moths, and Phantom Passages I have a special soft spot in my heart for the monster in Phantom Passages, but to say much would be to give too much away This was also my first experience with a book from Dark Regions Press and while I was forced by financial circumstan The thirteen short stories in this collection by Richard Gavin are the stuff of nightmares They are dark, gruesome and bleak, eerily reminiscent of Poe and Lovecraft All of the stories seem to question what lies beyond our world, and Gavin uses magic and mysticism to try to give an answer One of my favorite stories in the collection is Final Night in Nevertown , about a town that has been plagued by disappearances for thirteen straight nights Both people and property have disappeared without a trace there is no phone service and the town seems to have been completely cut off from the rest of the world The town manager has decided to go into the mist that has enveloped his town in a search for answers What he finds however is not what he expected nor wanted to see Another favorite of mine is Phantom Passages , about a young man who went looking for Autumnal, a place where the old gods dw At Fear s Altar was one of my favorite reads of the past few months also ranking high in my list of favorite single author short story collections I own Gavin s other three collections, but have only read a few stories from them I am a reader that is quite guilty of picking up short story collections and anthologies only to read a story or two here or there, and before blogging it was rare that I would read a collection anthology from start to finish Fellow reviewers seem of the opinion that At Fear s Altar is Gavin s best work, and since I loved that book so much I was a little nervous that Gavin s previous collection, The Darkly Splendid Realm, would fall a bit short Luckily, this was not the case, and I enjoyed this collection almost as much as I did At Fear s Altar.
The Darkly Splendid Realm is Gavin s third collection, and in the au The Darkly Splendid Realm by Richard Gavin is a collection of supernatural short stories, with an engaging introduction by Laird Barron This book is not only published in a hard cover, but is also available as an ebook.
This book is another fine contribution to our current renaissance in weird fiction I enjoyed all these stories All of them were well written and had interesting ideas.
Comments on some of the stories Final Night in Nevertown is about a town which, everyday, a portion of its people and physical objects vanish.
In the story Waterburns the main character has, early in life, an encounter with a lake monster But this story totally avoids B movie cliches This one early encounter with the monster is to have a deleterious effect on her life.
In the weird fiction genre, one type of story that I m intereste I want so badly to like this book It s a collection of short horror stories influenced by Lovecraft and Ligotti, with a focus on eerie ideas and atmosphere over gore or jump shocks just my sort of thing And so many of the ideas are good What s killing it for me is clumsy writing and no apparent copy editing sentences are awkwardly constructed, word choices are often not quite right, and there are frequent syntax errors Darkside Press should have done much better by this book With even a cursory polish, these stories could have shone As it is, I itch to take a red pen to them and fix everything,.

Well this one is another winner from Dark Regions Press I just finished up Simon Strantzas newest collection, NIGHTINGALE SONGS from DRP, and went head into Gavin s newest collection from DRP I m on a bit of a DRP kick as I have Pugmire s newest DRP collection in front of me as well This one came highly recommended from many folks on Goodreads, and I am glad I gave it a chance.
Gavin s prose is highly stylized and really brings some of his phantom settings into a stark reality, particularly in the verbs and phrases that he uses that bring alive in a a bizarre anthropomorphic fashion inanimate objects and places The first time I read one of these phrases, I was a bit startled and he was simply describing the foyer of a building What struck me most about Gavin s approach to atmosphere and setting is his ability to juxtapose the realms of the living with those darker cosmic and dream l What ties much of this collection together is the concept of what lies beyond Gavin is fascinated with the other side , with our travels there, and with what might return Tales like Following the Silent Hedges and The Astral Mask are most obvious about it, but it also plays a bit in Waterburns and the wonderfully bizarre Children of the Mound Gavin s work is concerned a great deal with this topic, and his use of mysticism to convey it is rare in today s fiction It harkens back to masters such as Machen and Blackwood, and is reminiscent of tales like Lewis s The Tower of Moab which suggest a deeper, longer history to events than anyone is aware He s fascinated by the dark world s intrusions upon our own I honestly believe there is no one writing like Richard Gavin today, and it s only a matter of time before his contributions to the field of the weird

A resident of Ontario, Canada, Richard Gavin is the author of many acclaimed works of horror and the occult, including Charnel Wine, Omens, and Primeval Wood His non fiction appears frequently in the pages of Rue Morgue magazine and other journals Richard s latest collection, The Darkly Splendid Realm, will be released by Dark Regions Press in autumn 2009.