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↠´ Read º Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff: The Q.U.I.C.K. Way to Bring Lasting Order to Household Chaos by Lori Baird ↠´ , Terrific Clutter Cutting Tips Plus Hundreds Of Insider Secrets From America S Clutter Control Experts Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life It S Time To Take Some QUICK Action, Cut The Clutter, And Stow The Stuff Once And For All Cut The Clutter And Stow The Stuff Edited By Lori Baird Will Help You Tame The Clutter Monster Using The Revolutionary QUICK Clutter Control System You Re Just Five Fast Steps From A Clutter Free Home See Inside To Discover Your Unique Clutter Style And How To Make It Work For You, Not Against You, In The Fight With Clutter Take The Clutter Quiz On Page Once You Know Your Clutter Style, You Ll Finally Understand Why You Feel Compelled To Collect Every Style Of Spode Teacup Produced Since Or Stash A Year S Worth Of Newspapers Under The Bedor Keep Your Year Old Son S High School Football Jerseys Just In Case And You Ll Find Effective Strategies To Turn Those Tendencies To Your Advantage Rediscover Your Rooms And Your Furniture When Was The Last Time You Saw The Top Of Your Dining Room Table With The Simple Steps In The Unload Chapter On Page There Really Is A House Under There Find Storage Space You Never Knew You Had, Even In Cramped Quarters Like The Bathroom And Laundry Room It S There Once You Know Where To Look For It Clear Out The Kids Rooms Without Starting A War These Ingenious Tactics Are So Effective, Your Kids May Even Pitch In Make All Those Piles Of Paper Disappear Like Magic Right Now, Your Paper Piles Are Probably Multiplying Faster Than Hot Dogs At A Ball Game But You Ll Find How To Get Them Out And Keep Them Out Even At The Office Starting On Page Good hints and techniques for every room of your house The computer info was a bit outdated in the 2002 edition I am definitely an Accumulator but I am learning and enjoying my soon to be clutter free home.
It promised a revolutionary new system I should have known better.
I have a confession to make I have way too many books I have books on practically every surface in my room along with several bookcases So I saw this book at the library with the hope that it would aid me in my crusade on clutter Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff is a book that has collected advice on how to reduce the amount of clutter you have It was edited by Lori Baird, a woman who straight out in the introduction tells us that she is really terrible at organization The basis of all the advice is an acronym that spells out the word QUICK QUICK stands for Quantify, Unload, Isolate, Contain, and Keep it up.
The book differentiates itself from other books on clutter management by talking about different types of people and how they store their stuff There are four major divisions, Accumulators, Collectors, Concealers, and Tossers It gives yo This book as really inspired me to get started on decluttering and organizing my home It s well written and has great ideas, a clear method, and injects humor without being judgmental I have three small complaints the language got repetitive, I read this straight through and got a bit tired of hearing the same things as we moved from room to room I feel like this isn t a type of book to be read from cover to cover It s a little outdated, CDs are the newest big thing in data storage Right Several of their suggestions are not for people who are trying to cut down on their carbon footprint or live a green lifestyle It s easy to pick out which suggestions these are and avoid them however Such as encouraging disposables Pretty funny, great advice too.
This book is a great reference for home organization, and it includes a bunch of tips and tricks to unclutter any space in your home She gives superficial treatment to the root causes of clutter, grouping people into a few types of people and making generalizations about each type and how they interact with each other This is a great book for the post cleaning and maintenance phase of the decluttering process.
A few ideas and for a beginner a lot of them, but for me nothing really new here been there done that There were also many ideas to convert stuff which if I had all that storage listed to convert to, I would not need this book some of it rather silly psychological drip Get it at the library and you can glean a few things To pay for the book might be silly also It would be clutter on the shelf.
This book is mainly about stowing the stuff After a quiz about one s clutter character funny and insightful , there s a small section on decluttering, but most of the book is broken down into chapters for getting as much crap as possible into each room If you want some creative storage solutions, try this book If you REALLY want help decluttering, pick up Scaling Down.
I agree with other reviewers that this book got repetitive as it went on Also, I could have used pictures and visual suggestions Without photos or diagrams, 300 pages on clutter gets kind of boring But I really liked some of her suggestions, such as storing AAA recommended items in your car and organizing your vast book collection by the Dewey Decimal System.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff: The Q.U.I.C.K. Way to Bring Lasting Order to Household Chaos book, this is one of the most wanted Lori Baird author readers around the world.