Trailer é Lord of the Last Heartbeat (The Sacred Dark #1) PDF by é May Peterson

Trailer é Lord of the Last Heartbeat (The Sacred Dark #1) PDF by é May Peterson Stop Me PleaseThree Words Scrawled In Bloodred Wine A Note Furtively Passed Into The Hand Of A Handsome Stranger Only Death Can Free Mio From His Mother S Political Schemes He S Put His Trust In The Enigmatic Rhodry An Immortal Moon Soul With The Power Of The Bear Spirit To Put An End To It AllBut Rhodry Cannot Bring Himself To Kill Mio, Whose Spellbinding Voice Has The Power To Expose Secrets From The Darkest Recesses Of The Heart And Mind Nor Can He Deny His Attraction To The Fair Young Sorcerer So He Spirits Mio Away To His Home, The Only Place He Can Keep Him Safe If The Curse That Besieges The Estate Doesn T Destroy Them Both FirstIn A World Teeming With Mages, Ghosts And Dark Secrets, Love Blooms Between The Unlikely Pair But If They Are To Be Strong Enough To Overcome The Evil That Draws Ever Nearer, Mio And Rhodry Must First Accept A Happiness Neither Ever Expected To Find Review originally posted at of the Last Heartbeat by May Peterson was the second debut book and author I had on my reading list this week This one is set in a fantasy world full of magic and the supernatural, complicated politics and a mystery that I didn t have a clue how was going to turn out until the big reveal Honestly, the writing here is gorgeous Absolutely brilliant And it definitely kept me reading through the rather confusing beginning when I had no idea what was going on The author kind of throws readers right in amid a confusing mesh of magical politics, paranormal beings, and death curses It took me a few chapters in to really get a grip on the main plot and each character s place within it I enjoyed the main characters and their relationship There is a rather huge power imbalance between them, which I don t always enjoy in my romance, but This is a stunning debut Incredibly rich, textured writing dripping with sensation, and an equally rich and developed fantasy world with vast hinterland There s real world politics and supernatural mystery and a vast mythos and just an incredible amount in here, which makes it an almost overwhelming reading experience The core relationship, by contrast iswell, it s not simple because there is a vast power imbalance handled with great sensitivity by the characters and author alike but it has a very clear, pure feel to it amid the chaos Love and kindness cut through the maelstrom like a ringing bell, bringing clarity and resolution It works beautifully.
A gloriously strange fantasy, a compulsive mystery, and a romance to make you cry Tremendous Note The author is a f

One of the predominant markers of an author s success in drawing me into the fantasy they set out to create is to build a lush and vibrant setting out of the whole cloth of their imagination, and then translate that through rich descriptions and the complex layering of both characters and storyline Lord of the Last Heartbeat is not only May Peterson s debut novel, but it is an impressive debut that showcases her talent for commingling romance with a variety of complex external forces which influence everything they touch Rarely, if ever, for the good.
The building up of Mio Gianbellicci s character as the proverbial Siren who sings his victims secrets up from the depths of their minds so his crime lord mother can compel them into servitude is not only unique but shapes Mio s character as well When he passes Lord Rhodry Bedefyr a note begging to be stopped, it is neither random nor withou I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.
5 stars rounded up.
May Peterson s d but novel, Lord of the Last Heartbeat, is an intricately constructed gothic fantasy with an intriguing storyline, set in a world that reminded me somewhat of eighteenth century Italy where dark secrets lurk behind the scenes, political backstabbing is rife and influential families jostle for power Adding to that particular vibe is the fact that one of the main characters is an opera singer, and I loved the way his vocal talent is incorporated into the fabric of the world the author has created In fact, I liked almost all the different elements that went to make up the novel the worldbuilding, the characters, the plot but almost is the

May Peterson is rud to be some kind of magical creature, but exactly which kind is still debated by scholars While they sort that out, May busies herself as a romance and fantasy author and freelance editor May has always had a deep fondness for books, animation, and comics She s drawn toward both writing and reading stories that are magical, hopeful, and distinctive, as well as those that