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[S.K. Vaughn] ☆ Across the Void [nursing PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ Across the Void is highly entertaining with some brilliant characters, Eve especially even though she is not human, this was a novel I devoured in short order enjoying every last moment If you enjoyed The Martian I imagine you will love Across the Void This time its a lone female in peril in space, trapped on a ship that is falling apart with only the A.
I Eve to help her hold things together Cue an adventurous twisty tale interspersed with back story and conspiracy as May s husband determines to bring her home against all odds Battling earthly elements who just want May gone and living with all the ups and downs of their past relationship Stephen is also a highly engaging character.
There are plenty of edge of the seat moments, but what makes this book is the developing relationship between May and Eve bringing humour, irony and witty observ 4,5 5 estrellas Un absoluto enganche, una protagonistas de armas tomar y aunque hay mucho de ciencia ficci n m s cercana de lo que podr amos pensar, hay mucho de reacciones humanas, de relaciones, superaci n personal, miedos, dudas, ambiciones No paran de pasar cosas en todo el libro y la tensi n se mantiene desde la primera a la ltima p gina Una maravilla que espero lleven a la gran pantalla.
May Knox Floats In Space, The Only Survivor Of A Catastrophic Accident There Is Just One Person Who Can Save Her A Man Whose Heart She Broke, Millions Of Miles Away It S Christmas Day, Silent Night Drifts Across The Ruins Of A Wrecked Spaceship, Listing Helplessly In The Black A Sole Woman, May, Stirs Within The Last Person Left Alive Of A Disastrous First Manned Mission To Europe, A Moon Of SaturnThere Is Only One Person Who Can Help Her Her Ex Husband Stephen, A NASA Scientist Who Was Heading Up The Mission Back On Earth Until, That Is, She Broke His Heart And He Left Both Her And The MissionNow May Clings To Life And It Is Only His Voice Travelling Across The Fathomless Miles That Can Bring Her Home In This Twisty, Gasp Inducing Thriller, When Each Breath Is A Fight For Survival, Their Relationship Is The Difference Between Life And Death Across the Void is a mash up of both Gravity and The Martian May commanded a pioneering mission to Europa, one of Jupiter s moons, but when she wakes up alone on a foundering spaceship, she believes the rest of the crew to be dead Suffering from short term amnesia, she can t remember what led her to this point, or why she has filed for divorce from her husband, Stephen, who is manning the NASA computers back on Earth As May tries to get the spaceship back on course, she begins to suspect that there s to her situation than simple human error view spoiler Across the Void is one of the worst books I ve read in recent years, combining a large number of sins in one volume It promises a diverse and fresh take on the lost in space story with its beautiful cover featuring a black female astronaut, but doesn t deliver May s Oh this was bad.
The way it was marketed I expected Interstellar, with a dash of 2010,and enough romance to bring me to tears It was none of those things.
Maryann Knox is the most dislikable character of the year Imagine Lorie Grimes filled with vitriol Now make it worse, make her think she s funny The humor fell flat, it was continuous, low, and grating And I like British humor There was no redeeming hard science fiction view spoiler Wow, that s amazing, how does it work Uh that s propriety hide spoiler Wow Ha sido un enganche total C mo estar dentro de una pel cula de Hollywood Empieza algo lenta pero a medida que van pasando los cap tulos la acci n es trepidante y viviremos con La Comandante Knox cada uno de sus baches para intentar sobrevivir de esta misi n gal ctica tan complicada y desconcertante La IA incre ble y el ex marido Stephen tambi n Intrigas en el espacio que no querr s soltar Rese a completa en Very entertaining and exciting space disaster adventure, which would certainly appeal to anyone who enjoyed The Martian and Gravity I loved May, the main character who faces extreme odds against survival, and Eve, the AI that she must lean on for technical and emotional support There are some implausible elements notably in the scenes set on Earth rather than in space, which is rather surprising but it s such a fun read Review to follow closer to publication on For Winter Nights.
First, the good news The first half of the book is riveting that opening sequence where May surfaces on a failing ship, struggling to work out what is going on with a badly glitched AI and memory issues, worked extremely well The science aspect was entirely believable and the character development and backstory were effective and well written I was drawn into her life, despite not liking her very much.
I also liked the fact that May was black, with a successful black mother who had helped and supported her So it was a real shame that I never really warmed to May in fact as the story wore on, I found myself disliking her selfish behaviour and For me, the dealbreaker was the disgraceful manner in which she neglected her mother as she became old and ill and then made a huge scene on her death, where we re all supposed to feel very sorry for her grief Hm

I requested Across the Void from Netgalley because I both liked the blurb and the cover A wrecked spaceship, a lonely survivor, a hint of Gravity, and a faint memory of The Martian It all sounded fantastic.
Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed I ll talk about the negative things first and will end on a positive note, because, at the end, I enjoyed the read.
Across the Void crams too many things into a normal sized book Torn between being a thriller focusing on survival and a love story with a mystery and a redemption arc, it ends up being neither.
May is well depicted and three dimensional, but sadly I did not like her and could not warm to her All other characters fell a bit flat.
While the beginning feels realistic, the end does not, and I could no longer suspend my disbelief Especially the events on Earth begin to feel over the top.
Now, for the positive The book opens 3.
5 stars Synopsis May is the commander of the most monumental space flight in human history the first manned expedition to Jupiter s moon, Europa Except something has gone terribly wrong On the return journey, she wakes up alone in a stasis chamber aboard her ship only to discover she s lost her memory, her crew is missing, and her ship has suffered catastrophic failures It immediately becomes an intense game of survival, not only against the vast void of space, but against foes a bit closer to home as well Review Sounds amazing doesn t it And for the most part it was especially with our heroine being a woman of color I was so excited to be given this ARC that I started reading it immediately.
The first half of the book reminded me of one of my recent favourites, The Martian, so I was hooked right away Plus the whol

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