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ç The Siege of Tel Aviv ↠´ Download by å Hesh Kestin If Truth be ToldStrange as this fiction my be, with the bizarre unfolding of events in the middle east, this could very well become a reality with several twists Fascinating reading Damn those Americans to whom money and personal gain dominate every decision.
It s briskly written and often fun, and the end is satisfying, but a big part of this posits a lot of terrible violence the successful invasion of Israel that s simply not amusing to read, if only because it s possible or not impossible enough in the real world that it s hard to read as entertainment Basically sometimes the author s satiric tone doesn t suit what he s describing, which is too terrible for joking or the joking would have to be better, to be justified I liked the book but it s not Dr Strangelove.
Stephen King Calls Hesh Kestin S The Siege Of Ghetto Tel Aviv Scarier Than Anything Stephen King Ever Wrote Iran Leads Five Arab Armies In A Brutal Victory Over Israel, Which Ceases To Exist Within Hours, Its Leaders Are Rounded Up And Murdered, The IDF Is Routed, And The Country S Six Million Jews Concentrated In Tel Aviv, Which Becomes A Starving Ghetto While The US And The West Sit By, The Moslem Armies Taking A Page From The Nazi Playbook Prepare To Kill Off The Entire PopulationOn The Eve Of Genocide, Ghetto Tel Aviv Makes One Last Attempt To Save Itself, As An Israeli Businessman, A Gangster, And A Cross Dressing Fighter Pilot Put Together A Daring Plan To Counterattack Will It Succeed The Siege Of Ghetto Tel Aviv Is As As Bizarrely Funny As It Is Fast Paced In The Words Of Stephen King An Irrepressible Sense Of Humor Runs Through It It S Not Satire I M Talking About It S Stuff Like The Cross Dressing Pilot My Favorite Character And Any Number Of Deliciously Absurd Situations The Pink Jets It S The Inevitable Result Of An Eye That Sees The Funny Side, Even In Horror So Few Writers Have That This Novel Will Cause Talk And Controversy Most Of All, It Will Be read A fast reading novel that proves to be an intelligent and witty satire of the modern Middle East An Iranian Arab invasion of Israel nearly leads to the destruction of the Jewish State while an ambivalent West, lead by a kook of a US President, is content to sit back and watch The Israeli resistance is lead by some great characters a cross dressing pilot, a Russian mobster, a Tech Titan and a Bedouin The short chapters make the book hard to put down as the action proceeds at a frenetic pace A thought provoking and exciting read overall.
Very good Clancy style military thriller, marred by American characters especially the President who is ridiculous even by Trumpian standards.
All too realistic and cynicalThe author uses historical knowledge and logic to depict a very possible outcome of another Jewish Arab and Iranian war The outcome is also very, very possible in this modern world where 1984 is used as a blueprint instead of a warning A must read.
More satire than geopolitical thriller I bought the book at first to support the author in the ban the book shut down culture It turns out to be a good read It is quite tongue in cheek and very satirical on current events and the demonization of Israel and the Jews The scenario he portrays is quite realistic and frightening From there it gets comic and entertaining, but enough said without spoilers.

Great fast read Truth wrapped in fiction,Like a rough version of Joel Rosenberg An optimistic outcome for all parties follows a believable attack by Israels enemies How would Israel retaliate if the surrounding Arab Nations and Iran attacked preemptively and forced all of the population into a fourteen sq mile area around Tel Aviv After the war is over, what are the chances that the World will take the word of attackers and blame Israel for the whole thing This is the speculation of Kestin, some of which is right out of a Marvel movie, but others are rather reasonable Enjoyable and moves along like boxes on a Federal Express conveyor belt.
Since its founding on May 14, 1948, the State of Israel has fought three wars whose outcome arguably was existential the War of Independence 1948 1949 , the Six Day War 1967 , and the Yom Kippur War 1973.
In The Siege of Tel Aviv, Hesh Kestin imagines a point in the near future where Iran leads Arab armies in a genocidal war against Israel and wins So quick and total is the Persian Arab victory over Israel that six million Jews flee to the only major Israeli city still under Jewish control, Tel Aviv, making it a ghetto Meanwhile, the U.
S and the U.
N watch and wait, not wanting to interrupt the flow of oil from the Middle East.
But the Israelis take a page from the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto and begin to fight back, led by the unlikely duo of an Israeli cap

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