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[ Read Online Serpent & Dove á republic-of-the-congo PDF ] by Shelby Mahurin » WITCHES BE BACK with my favourite fantasy book this yearConscious of the Chasseurs eyes on me, I forced a smirk and bumped my husband s hip, pretending that it d all been a show A laugh That I d just been goading him to get a reaction That I wasn t a witch in Mass, standing amongst my enemies and worshipping someone else s god.
Our lives reflect our hearts.
They might ve all been hypocrites, but I was the biggest of them all What a splendid debut What a freaking phenomenal first book of a series.
There is literally nothing I didn t love about Serpent Dove.
If a few months ago, someone would have asked me what elements a book must include for me to fall head over heels with it, I would have pulled out a list A long o Bound As One To Love, Honor, Or BurnTwo Years Ago, Louise Le Blanc Fled Her Coven And Took Shelter In The City Of Cesarine, Forsaking All Magic And Living Off Whatever She Could Steal There, Witches Like Lou Are Hunted They Are Feared And They Are BurnedSworn To The Church As A Chasseur, Reid Diggory Has Lived His Life By One Principle Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Live His Path Was Never Meant To Cross With Lou S, But A Wicked Stunt Forces Them Into An Impossible Union Holy MatrimonyThe War Between Witches And Church Is An Ancient One, And Lou S Most Dangerous Enemies Bring A Fate Worse Than Fire Unable To Ignore Her Growing Feelings, Yet Powerless To Change What She Is, A Choice Must Be MadeAnd Love Makes Fools Of Us All I was lucky enough to read SERPENT DOVE before publication, and it quickly became one of my favorite books of all time If you re a fan of Sarah J Maas mature themes, then this is a MUST read Below I ve jotted some other reasons to pick this up Don t mind my scrambled brain Also, PICK THIS BOOK UP YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT Things SERPENT DOVE has that I never knew I needed until the second I did in random order because I said so 1 Forced Marriage I swooned with the rest of the world while reading Outlander and seeing Jamie and Claire s relationship blossom, but the marriage of convenience in this is so good Like, blow your socks off, melt your brain, and make you binge on Ben Jerry s good.
2 Chasseurs AKA French Witch Hunters Affiliated wit Thank you HarperTeen for the gifted review copy in exchange for an honest review When I first read the synopsis for Serpent Dove I knew I had to read it, and although I was excited to start I didn t really have that high expectations And there dear friends, is where I was wrong This book was everything I wanted it to be This book has so many amazing elements including witches, witch hunters, enemies to lovers, and forbidden love The book had me on edge for the two days that I spent reading it yes, I loved it that much.
Lou is our main characters After fleeing her coven she takes to hiding herself and repressing her magic to avoid being caught by the Chasseur, a group of witch hunters who burn witches at A witch witch hunter love story Yes please gimme gimme gimme As soon as I read this blurb, I was like, count me in Witchy is my name and witchy wars are my game However, I wasn t sure what I would get, but what I got is one of my favorite books of the year I loved both points of views Lou was ambitious, perfectly flawed, spoke what was on her mind, and down right awesome Reid was strong willed, innocent yet not innocent, and so dang swoony And the chemistry between Lou and Reid was so freaking good Don t let me forget the side characters Coco Ansel Beau You three were beautifully created beings I must say, there were some amazing descriptions with the witchy things, and the world building was wonderful There were twists, multiple ones in fact And the writing was so addicting that I finished this huge masterpiece rather quickly for me Now to wait for book 2 will be utter agony

ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Wicked are the ways of women and especially a witchSerpent Dove is set in a 17th Century French inspired landscape It deals with a war between witches and the Church The story focuses on a witch, Lou and a witch hunter, Reid, who are forced into marriage Serpent Dove was a surprising read and the evolution throughout the book was insane This is not AT ALL where I thought the story was going but, DID I ENJOY IT YES MA AM Shelby Mahurin created a very compelling world with a great magic system and I would love to learn about it I liked her writing style, clear and eloquent I felt completely immersed in the story you know that feeling when you read and it s basically like a movie is playing in your head and you forget you re reading Yeah, that s how good it was I loved the use of F Few things compare to that feeling you get after finishing a book that lived up to your expectations Ever since I read the blurb of this book I knew I was going to love this and I WAS NOT DISSAPOINTED.
It had everything I adore addictive easy writing enemies to lovers marriage of convenience witch witch hunter romance slow burn intricate magical system heart warming female friendship morally grey characters inner battle of right and wrongIn the land of Belterra witches are burned at the stake and the Chasseur Witchhunters , with the Archbishop as their leader, are ruthless Their number one rule Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.
Two years ago Lou left her coven for reasons I shan t go into and was forced to live a life of suppressing her magical nature and living in constant vigilence She has to do what she Holy Fuck deceased Full review to come.

Shelby Mahurin grew up on a small farm in rural Indiana, where sticks became wands and cows became dragons Her rampant imagination didn t fade with age, so she continues to play make believe every day with words now instead of cows When not writing, Shelby watches the Office and obsesses over her Twitter feed She still lives near that childhood farm with her very tall husband, semi feral toddle