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[Catherine Meyrick] ë Forsaking All Other [vicksburg-campaign PDF] Read Online ↠´ Love Is No Game For Women The Price Is Far Too HighEngland Bess Stoughton, Waiting Woman To The Well Connected Lady Allingbourne, Has Discovered That Her Father Is Arranging For Her To Marry An Elderly Neighbour Normally Obedient Bess Rebels And Wrests From Her Father A Year S Grace To Find A Husband To Her LikingEdmund Wyard, A Taciturn And Scarred Veteran Of England S Campaign In Ireland, Is Attempting To Ignore The Pressure From His Family To Find A Suitable Wife As He Prepares To Join The Earl Of Leicester S Army In The NetherlandsAlthough Bess And Edmund Are Drawn To Each Other, They Are Aware That They Can Have Nothing Than Friendship Bess Knows That Edmund S Wealth And Family Connections Place Him Beyond Her Reach And Edmund, With His Well Honed Sense Of Duty, Has Never Considered That He Could Follow His Own Wishes Until NowWith England On The Brink Of War And Fear Of Catholic Plots Extending Even Into Lady Allingbourne S Household, Time Is Running Out For Both Of Them The Coffee Pot Book Club Historical Romance Book Of The Year Award 2018 Gold Medal Winner.
Love is no game for women the price is far too high.
Bess Stoughton has always been a dutiful daughter She has never done anything to displease her father However, it has been two years since her husband died and now her father has decided it is time for Bess to wed again However, his choice in a husband for her is fatally flawed Bess would rather die than marry the old and predatory Master Litchfield So for the first time in her life, Bess defies her father and flees back to Lady Allingbourne, and once again takes up her duties as a lady in waiting Now all she has to do is find a husband that is as rich as Master Litchfield but with a few morals Once she has secured a husband, Bess is sure that her father will forgive her Edmund Wyard s life is one battle after another With En read reviews like this plus fascinating author interviews, exclusive guest posts and book extracts on my blog love historical fiction and the Tudor period is one of my favourite settings so I was immediately attracted to Forsaking All Other for this reason alone I also adore the cover However, I don t really do romance in historical novels, finding the romance often a little incongruous or on the sentimental side However, in this case I needn t have worried because Forsaking All Other is an interesting, well researched historical novel wrapped around a believable and touching love story.
Bess Stoughton, widowed after only a few years of marriage to a man chosen by her father, is facing marriage to yet another man chosen by her fathe

book is excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed every page Anyone who follows my blog will know that I am a massive fan of historical fiction and the Tudor period so this book was definitely one for me The writing style for the story as perfect, it flowed so well and it took me back in time when I read it I felt as though as I was living at the same time as the characters The characterisation was spot on and the whole book was superb.
No hesitation 5 stars from me for this one Set in the Elizabethan end of the Tudor era, Forsaking All Other is an absorbing novel of historical fiction, examining the miniature of class and social conventions against a backdrop of Catholic reprisals While it is in part an historical romance, it also has themes of war and political insurgence.
Bess Stoughton was a worthy heroine, brave and intelligent, railing against the control of her father and determined to at least have some say in her own future Already widowed and having lost a child, she was certainly no simpering young maid, but rather a strong and forthright woman who was wise to the ways of the world and woman s place within it It was a real meeting of minds between her and Edmund Wyard and the love story that evolved between these two credible cha

Catherine Meyrick is a writer of historical fiction with a particular love of Elizabethan England Her stories weave fictional characters into the gaps within the historical record tales of ordinary people who are very much men and women of their time, yet in so many ways not unlike ourselves.Although she grew up in regional Victoria, Australia, she has lived all her adult life in Melbourne She