Download Epub Format ↠´ Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World PDF by ✓ Tom Wright

Download Epub Format ↠´ Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World PDF by ✓ Tom Wright The Wall Street Journal seems to be doing something right, Rupert Murdoch ownership notwithstanding, because for the second time in 2018 I find myself reading a truly amazing book that s based on investigative work done by its correspondents.
Not only that, but it can be said with some certainty that in both instances Elizabeth Holmes pseudo science in Bad Blood and Jho Low s Najib Razhak s stolen billions in Billion Dollar Whale the Journal has played a pivotal role in shining light on these crimes and bringing the criminals to justice.
Indeed, I finished this book pretty much on the same day as Goldman was forced to let go of Andrea Vella, the head of its Asian business, for the crimes described here.
If, like me, you are a glass half empty kind of guy, of course, you will also remark that it s a terrible state of affairs when journalists are ahead of our justice system to say nothing o This is a hard one to rate the story itself is astounding and outrageous, and I think an incredibly important story to know The writing, on the other handis a good case study in why journalists are not necessarily authors Full sentences repeated themselves throughout the book, countless details re introduced over and over including exciting facts like Bangkok is the capital of Thailand sigh The authors twisted themselves into introducing a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter that was obvious and uncomfortable at best and at worst, created discrepancies in the reporting The way Low was portrayed varied quite a bit is he shy or outgoing.
charismatic or awkward I ll never know after this book because he was both I also thought there was a missed opportunity to talk about the impact on Malaysia and its peop If you have never followed the 1MDB scandal closely, you should read this to catch up If you are bored and looking for a good thriller, you should read this book If you are Malaysian you should read this book If you work in the finance industry, you should read this book If you re looking for Hollywood mixed financial crime scandal, you should read this book If you re looking to feel infuriated, you should read this book.
In general, you should read this book That s it.
Its hard to put down this book, as if the stories were fantasies The heist commited by Jho Low is definitely bigger than Bernie Maddoff ponzi scheme, well at least Bernie s inverstors got their profits back.
Jho Low represents a desperate figure who wants companionship, recognition and love even if it is fake through money His acts, cowardly hiding behind without holding an official position in 1MDB undoubtedly shady, but not a problem for a stupid prime minister like Najib at that time Low s scheme perfectly summarized in the page 371 he sensed that the world s largest banks, it s auditors, and its lawyers would not throw up obstacles to his scheme if they smelled profits Thank you to Tom Wright and Bradley Hope for writing this book I would probably need to smuggle it if Najib wasn t defeated back in May 2018 I hope that the publisher would consider releasing a cheaper vers Since the publication of All The President s Men, Barbarians At The Gate and Too Big To Fail, there have been few books of this genre that have gripped the imagination of the reader until the arrival of Billion Dollar Whale A whale is a high rolling gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money High rollers often receive lavish comps from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos best suites.
Acclaimed journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope combine to deliver a jaw dropping tour de force that elucidates how the impudence of a rogue individual, the intransigence at the highest levels of a rotten kleptocracy and the greedy ingenuity of a Wall Street behemoth, all combined to pull off, what arguably has to be the most brazen heist in financial history.
Swindler, F

The amount of money being spent casually at the expense of the Malaysian citizens was giving me anxiety The book is clear and well written although it kind of require some basic financial economic knowledge throughout the pages thanks Google Can t believe that I m living through one of the biggest financial heists in history I hope Low and his associates are soon captured and put behind the bars for his massive graft and corruption.
Epic avarice on a global level If you don t think the financial markets are rigged for the rich in corruption that spans continents you need to read this The tie ins to Hollywood and American pop culture gives a new perspective to just how rich these people are and how their greed knows no bounds and their consciences are nonexistant.
First of all, the author makes this clear at the end, but not nearly clear enough This is not a story about some random Malaysian conman it s a story about Goldman sacks and hollywood and the Saudis and how greed allowed someone to lie and cheat his way to partying with Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton Everyone can be bought That s the moral of the story There was some hyperbole here on the financial crime Though Wright tries several times, he s not quite able to pull off a great explanation for why this crime was unique or even a crime besides the fact that it didn t work out Also, he seems to want to paint all the foreigners as corrupt and shady, but he goes light on all of Low s legal and banking helpers in Americ Bad Blood meets Crazy Rich Asians An Epic True Tale Of Hubris And Greed From Two Pulitzer Finalist Wall Street Journal Reporters, Billion Dollar Whale Reveals How A Young Social Climber Pulled Off One Of The Biggest Financial Heists In History Right Under The Nose Of The Global Financial Industry Exposing The Shocking Secret Nexus Of Elite Wealth, Banking, Hollywood, And Politics The Dust Had Yet To Settle On The Global Financial Crisis In When An Unlikely Wharton Grad Was Setting In Motion A Fraud Of Unprecedented Gall And Magnitude One That Would Come To Symbolize The Next Great Threat To The Global Financial System Billion Dollar Whale Will Become A Classic, Harrowing Parable About The Financial World In The Twenty First Century

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