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[ Read Online The Afterward ☆ writing PDF ] by E.K. Johnston ↠´ The cover may LOOK action adventure, but it s really a f f romance full of pastoral drama, land management, and the flawed socioeconomics of traditional fantasy It s slow to start, but it pays off when those details come back to tie the worldbuilding together and make you laugh A labor of love and an homage to those fantasy books of yore, especially David Eddings Elenium The book is, in fact, dedicated to David and his wife co author Leigh, which I found doubly precious This is a story you might have heard before about a group of brave nights, a thief and a mage, going on quest for a mysterious gem that could destroy the world but it s also what happens after What happens when you go home When there are songs about you, but songs don t pay the rent What happens, from a practical standpoint if you fell in love on the quest, but your role in society demands you leave that love behind I adore Kate, and her dedication to dealing even handedly with elements of magic and practicality What do lady knights on the road do about menstruation What if holding the cursed gem kills you What s the best way to wear your ha It Has Been A Year Since The Mysterious Godsgem Cured Cadrium S King And Ushered In What Promised To Be A New Golden Age The Heroes Who Brought The Gem Home Are Renowned In Story And Song, But For Two Fellows On The Quest, Peace And Prosperity Do Not Come Easily Apprentice Knight Kalanthe Ironheart Wasn T Meant For Heroism This Early In Life, And While She Has No Intention Of Giving Up The Notoriety She Has Earned, Her Reputation Does Not Pay Her Bills With Time Running Out, Kalanthe May Be Forced To Betray Not Her Kingdom Or Her Friends, But Her Own Heart As She Seeks A Stable Future For Herself And Those She LovesOlsa Rhetsdaughter Was Never Meant For Heroism At All Beggar, Pick Pocket, Thief, She Lived Hand To Mouth On The City Streets Until Fortune Or Fate Pulled Her Into Kalanthe S Orbit And Now She S Quite Reluctant To Leave It Even Alarmingly, Her Fame Has Made Her Recognizable, Which Makes Her Profession Difficult, And A Choice Between Poverty And The Noose Isn T Much Of A Choice At AllBoth Girls Think Their Paths Are Laid Out, But The Godsgem Isn T Quite Done With Them And That New Golden Age Isn T A Sure Thing Yet In A Tale Both Sweepingly Epic And Intensely Personal, Kalanthe And Olsa Fight To Maintain Their Newfound Independence And To Find Their Way Back To Each Other Absolutely delightful The Afterward is a queer fantasy that evokes series like The Belgariad and The Mallorean but puts a modern twist on them I adored everything about this book.
I loved the concept for this story, of female knights and a thief going on a difficult and successful quest together, then having to continue with their lives after I loved each of the women and their friendship I even enjoyed much of the writing, even with some of the editing problems occasional missing words and incorrect tense use , the way the past is 3rd person and the present is 1st person with 2 PoVs But this book didn t end up as a 5 star read for me not sure what was a little off for me in the story perhaps it was that I found the action a little confusing in places On a separate note, I can say that I really did not like the cover That said, this is E.
K Johnston, and I like her work a lot generally, and I did like this book a lot.
Me and E.
K Johnston s writing just don t get along It s not bad by any means, it s just that the narrative choices don t make any sense to me in years of reading fantasy, I ve never read a book that had at the same time this many infodumps and a worldbuilding as generic, inconsistent and lacking in details as The Afterward.
Let s talk about what I mean generic this book has a typical medieval fantasy aesthetic, with knights and kings and magical gems, which is fine, if not exactly my preference inconsistent what sets it apart from many other fantasy books is that it has gender equality to a degree and less queerphobia, which would have been great if the book hadn t gone about it in an extremely inconsistent way, for example by telling us that the language shifted to include non binary people but constantly using binarist phrasings Review originally Posted On The Sassy Book Geek Huge thank you to Penguin Random House for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review as well as allowing me to participate in the blog tour 4.
5 StarsThis was my first time experiencing the writing of E.
K Johnston and I have to say the hype is worth it I had a ton of fun reading The Afterward and was even a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed it since it focuses on romance but also weaved in plenty of action and adventure Plot The story is told from the two alternating POVs of Olsa Rhetsdaughter, a thief, and Kalanthe Ironheart, a knight in training They are currently living post Quest after saving the entire kingdom from an ancient evil, I really loved this idea for a In theory, I love this book I love that it s a high fantasy with queer women and a fantastically diverse cast But in reality, I m just so bored reading it I put this one down at over 50% through the book and I ve been doing well this year at putting books down that I m not loving I skimmed a bit further to see if maybe it d pick up and be worth continuing, but it didn t.
The plot is very slow and there isn t a clear direction of where the story is going As well as the perspectives switch up quite a bit and made it harder to get invested in the characters Honestly I didn t hate this book I m really upset I didn t love it because there s so many great things about it The writing was great and the world building was phenomenal but I just couldn t help myself from yawning while trying to continue If this book sounds like your t

an apprentice knight and a not at all reformed thief as they try to figure out what to do with their lives after they help save the world thanks for my life E.
K Johnston Hello this is my new favorite fantasy f f relationship Please read this bookscream review to come

E.K Johnston had several jobs and one vocation before she became a published writer If she s learned anything, it s that things turn out weird sometimes, and there s not a lot you can do about it Well, that and how to muscle through awkward fanfic because it s about a pairing she likes.You can follow Kate on Twitter ek_johnston to learn about Alderaanian political theory than you really