Trailer è Läsarna i Broken Wheel rekommenderar PDF by æ Katarina Bivald

Trailer è Läsarna i Broken Wheel rekommenderar PDF by æ Katarina Bivald Se A Vida Fosse Um Romance, O Da Sara Certamente N O Seria Um Livro De Aventuras Em Vinte E Oito Anos Nunca Saiu Da Su Cia E Nenhum Encontro Do Destino Desarrumou A Sua Exist Ncia T Mida E Insegura, S Se Sente Vontade Na Companhia De Um Bom Livro E Os Seus Melhores Amigos S O As Personagens Criadas Pela Imagina O Dos Escritores, Que A Fazem Viver Sonhos, Viagens E Paix Es Mas Tudo Muda No Dia Em Que Recebe Uma Carta De Uma Pequena Cidade Perdida No Meio Do Iowa E Com Um Nome Estranho Broken Wheel A Remetente Uma Tal Amy, Uma Americana De Anos Que Lhe Envia Um Livro E Assim Come A Entre As Duas Uma Correspond Ncia Afetuosa E Sincera Depois De Uma Intensa Troca De Cartas E Livros, Sara Consegue Juntar O Dinheiro Para Atravessar O Oceano E Encontrar A Sua Querida Amiga No Entanto, Amy N O Est Sua Espera, O Seu Final, Infelizmente, Veio Mais Cedo Do Que O Esperado E Enquanto Os Exc Ntricos Habitantes, De Quem Amy Tanto Lhe Tinha Falado, Tomam Conta Da Assustada Turista A Primeira Na Hist Ria De Broken Wheel , Sara Decide Retribuir A Bondade Iniciando Os No Prazer Da Leitura Porque Rapidamente Percebe Que Broken Wheel Precisa De Um Pouco De Aventura, Uma Dose De Auto Ajuda E, Talvez, Um Pouco De Romance Em Suma, Esta Uma Cidade Que Precisa De Uma Livraria E Sara, Que Sempre Preferiu Os Livros S Pessoas, Naquela Aldeia De Poucas Gente, Mas De Grande Cora O, Encontrar Amizade, Amor E Emo Es Para Viver E Finalmente Ser A Verdadeira Protagonista Da Sua Vida The Readers of Broken Wheel is ridiculously predictable, superficial, full of improbabilities, at times painfully sentimental and definitely a book that could have used a ruthless editor to shorten it So let me explain why I gave it 3 stars rather than 2 or less At its core, the story is an ode to books about the love of books and reading really, a celebration of obsessive bookishness in a world with a diminishing readership And for that reason alone, I persevered and didn t toss The Readers of Broken Wheel Sara travels from Sweden to Broken Wheel, Iowa, to spend a two month vacation with pen pal Amy Their common interest is an obsession with books and reading But when Sara arrives, she finds that Amy who was quite elderly has recently died Rather than run away, Sarah stays in Broken a Wheel, gets to know the quirky locals, develops a l Although the premise seems a bit odd, stranger things have happened in real life so I just accepted that a young girl from Sweden would travel to a tiny town in Iowa , called Broken Wheel to stay with a woman that she only knew from exchanging letters and books These letters, at least the ones from from Amy Harris of Broken Wheel to Sara , are interspersed throughout and we learn about the town and the people who live there as well as about Amy and Sara Sara loves books how can I not like her I couldn t help but feel sorry for her as she arrived Seems like she s a lonely girl hiding in her books without any friends except a few coworkers It was a bit much for me , even as much as I love books , that there was discussion about wh What s better than books and a good love story Let s seeoh yeah, nothing.
Seriously, I m a sucker when it comes to feel good love stories, and if you ve been following me or this blog for any length of time then you know full and well that books are my absolute weakness Ever wonder whether I m at a hopping party on a Friday night Well don t because I ll go ahead and tell you I m curled up with my dog and a blanket on the couch with a good book.
The Readers Of Broken Wheel Recommend was this week s big hit in terms of things that I read and I seriously cannot recommend it enough Obviously a story written by a book lover for other book lovers, this author will definitely be going down as one of my favorite The story is about a young girl, Sara, who arrives in the small town of Broken Wheel to visit a pen pal This book was absolute rubbish 394 pages of stupid observations written in a clumsy and somewhat childish language combined with unbelievable characters It does mention quite a few books that I would love to read, but since it also reveals the ending of most of these novels, the name dropping just ended up annoying me What an utter waste of time.
There s a lot to love in this novel of Sara, a young, rather plain Swedish bookworm who takes a trip to the small U.
S town of Broken Wheel to visit her older pen pal and fellow book lover, Amy When Sara arrives, she finds that Amy has died while Sara was en route, but the townspeople urge her to stay in Amy s home anyway and visit with them for the couple of months she had planned In many ways the town is as broken as its name Broken Wheel was a complete waste of brick, asphalt, and concrete The buildings were low because there had never been any need for than two stories Nowadays, there wasn t even the need for one There was something sad about the town, as though generations of problems and disappointments had rubbed off onto its bricks There was a TV series in the early 1990 s called Northern Exposure , set in Cicely, Alaska, a small town so off the grid it almost didn t exist The town was populated by oddballs and eccentrics who used the local bar as a gathering place Long before Tivo and Netflix entered the picture, I tuned in each week to be a part of their crazy, funny world.
This book is set in Broken Wheel, Iowa, another little town off the grid, populated with oddballs and eccentrics with no place else to go Along comes a Swedish tourist who wants to visit her penpal friend Amy, only to find she s just in time for her funeral Sara is a young woman who has lived her life in books, and leaving Sweden is the most daring thing she s ever done She moves into Amy s house, uses her thousands of books to open a bookshop, and gets involved in the lives of the townspeo I am always a pushover for books about books and this one certainly fit the bill What was even better was that the books mentioned throughout the text were mostly all books we know and love Harry Potter was in there and Mr Darcy and even Bridget Jones amongst many others.
On the other hand I have a low quirkiness rating and this story was certainly quirky and full of odd characters Luckily for me it managed to stay just the right side of quirk and never became just silly I loved the book shop to bits Wouldn t we all like to have a sunshine yellow room full of every sort of book and two comfy old armchairs to sit in and read all day Who needs customers They would just get in the way of reading time If you enjoy a good book about books then read this one In fact you migh This book should have come with the big note on its cover that says WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE.
You see, this book is a book written by a book lover for other booklovers.
And do you know what book lovers like to do Talk about books Discuss plot developmets They often compare one story to another, wondering why the certain character chose one path over the other.
Our main character, Sara, is a true bookworm, so it is no wonder that this book is full of references to other books which often ends up spoilery.
When I say she is a bookworm, I mean she reads, lives and BREATHES books You see, only a true book lover would know the difference between the smell of paperback and the one of hardback book.
The story follows S The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommends by Katarina Bivald is a 2016 Sourcebooks Landmark publication What a wonderful feel good story If you love books about books, you will want to try this one Amy, from Broken Wheel, Iowa and Sara, from Sweden, are pen pals who share a love of books When Sara loses her bookstore job, she decides to take Amy up on her invitation to visit Broken Wheel if she ever got the chance However, when Sara arrives, she is stunned to learn that Amy has died But, the town goes out of their way to make their only tourist s stay in Broken Wheel comfortable and pleasant Overwhelmed by the resident s generosity, Sara works to pay it forward, and honor Amy and her love of books by opening a bookshop in Broken Wheel The longer Sara stays, the attached she becomes to the small little town that has all but dried

Katarina Bivald grew up working part time in a bookshop Today she lives outside of Stockholm, Sweden, with her sister and as many bookshelves she can get by her She scurrently trying to persuade her sister that having a shelf for winter jackets and shoes is completely unneccessary There should be enough space for a book shelf or two instead Limited success so far Apparantly, her sister is als