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[James Roy] Ê Town [silhouette PDF] Read Online Ä This was a really bad book I hate it.
Set in a fictional Town, Town is a string of thirteen linked stories revolving around the lives of the young adults who live there Each character is diverse in their background, personality, gender and age thus illustrating the characteristics of the Town and the individual struggles, wants and desires of its residents.
Town is also an illustration of no matter what our background, we all share the common need for love, security, acceptance and a sense of belonging Many of the stories revolved around family ties that bind or drive us apart Amongst the thirteen stories, there is at least one character that the reader will recognize or identify with which proves that despite our outward appearances, deep down we are not all that different from one another.
I wanted to love this book As much as I wanted to love Dubliners by James Joyce Both books are much praised collections of short stories about a small Town and they are supposed to paint a complete story when viewed as a whole There is no doubt that James Roy is a writer of considerable talent He has a wonderfully realistic, down to earth and deceptively simple style of narrative, full of sombre pathos and depth As opposed to a novel, which you choose because the subject matter interests you collections of short stories means that you might be really interested in one or two, vaguely interested in a few othersand be faced with some stories that if they were stand alone novels, you would never have picked up at all It went like this I loved the opening story I loved the tale about two cheeky teen boys and I wanted to tag along with them and laugh at some of their shenanigans, but I generally dislike short stories I just get interested in the characters and the story is over The story never seems to have enough STORY for me But I think, in a way, that is part of the point of this collection The stories are interrelated, but there isn t an overarching plot It is just a series of vignettes about kids who are near the end of their high school years The point, for me, is that, in general, this IS all you get You see snippets of people s lives, but you never know their whole story or even the parts of their story that are most important to them You get your little snippet of their life and then you get a snippet of the next person s life Does it all make sense Probably not, but it IS life I am also not a good judge of good writing, but, from what I can tell, this is significantly above the average writing quality.
Annotation Thirteen linked stories told by thirteen different adolescents over thirteen months February to February in an unnamed Australian Town.
These stories, which vary in length, create a jigsaw like effect as various characters are shown from the perspective of the teller The interactions, slowly revealed, are fascinating Themes in this book Adolescents Country children Individuality Relationships Year Source Magpies

James Roy is a consistently good, but somewhat overlooked, writer for children and teenagers I am hoping that Town will be his break through book It s a collection of short stories, each one about a different young adult character from a small rural Town somewhere in Australia.
The thirteen stories span a year in the life of these people in this community, and the cumulative effect of the stories layering upon each other create a rich and involving read Beautiful writing and excellent characterisation makes for a book I really want to re read except I ve loaned my copy to a friend.
This book reminded me of exactly what I hate about short stories.
I was left with the feeling that these were all ideas the author didn t bother fleshing out.
Maybe 3 stories were good, 3 were okay, and the rest were not worth printing.
For the 3 characters that were very good deserved much better treatment and the rest deserved far less than they got.
A collection of short stories which combine beautifully into a whole A celebration of life in all its earthy grief andwonder An impressive read.
Before this week I had never read a James Roy novel I had heard his name of course, he had won the NSW Premier s Literary Award in 2008 for this title, but I had never had the pleasure of reading one of his books.
Town is a curious little creature comprised of a series of short stories all revolving around the teens in one small Australian Town Each vignette is from one teen s perspective, written in their voice, telling their story You d have to be a complete sourpuss not to revel in the authenticity, the humour, the pathos and the utter delight of this novel Roy knows small Towns, there was a feeling of familiarity and yet, the characters were all unique.
It is easy to be captivated by the novel One vignette would have you chuckling over a small victory, the next you would find yourself tossing between an Everyone Has A StoryIn Town, James Roy Turns His Hand To The Short Story, Using It To Explore The Lives Of The Young Residents Of An Australian Town This Town Doesn T Have A Name But If It Seems Familiar, It S Because We Recognise The People Who Walk Its StreetsFrom The Serendipity Of An Unexpected Moment Of Connection, To The Sadness Of Leaving Home, And The Pain Of The Desperate Decisions We Make, These Stories Take A Personal And Uncompromising Look At Life Love And Loss, Grief, Humour And Passion Hope And Hopelessness Thirteen Linked Short Stories, Spanning A Year In The Lives Of Thirteen Young People, From A Town Near You

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Town book, this is one of the most wanted James Roy author readers around the world.