î Blood Stain, Volume 1 ✓ Download by Ù Linda Šejić

î Blood Stain, Volume 1 ✓ Download by Ù Linda Šejić I don t know why but the first few pages immediately got me hooked.
A woman in her late 20s desperately looking for a job, reluctantly accepts a suspicious opportunity.
Bear in mind, this would be another lame and stupid psycho movie plot if not for her lengthy thoughts and monologues Every angle is considered I guess that was what made it realistic for me And the comedic tone made it entertaining.
Don t forget to check out the random appendices at the end Plenty of funny stuff in that section alone Blood Stain was a comic I was eager to read when I first read about it a few months ago Thanks to Netgalley I had a chance to read the first volume The illustrative work is beautiful, with lots of black and red to add to the dark yet funny story The story follows Elly, a recovering gamer who is living with her sister and her sister s family and needs to get a job to help support the household She tries a few jobs but none of them stick She is forced to apply for a job as an assistant to a Doctor, and she travels to his house to begin in her new role, her brain telling her she might be making a mistake due to the creepy voice of the Doctor who she d only spoken to on the phone The first volume ends as Elly arrives at her new job, so I was really into the story by then and wanted to see where it went I can t wait for the second volume of this series The humour is great, the characters Amazing EPub, Blood Stain, Volume 1 Author Linda Eji This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Blood Stain, Volume 1 , Essay By Linda Eji Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You There s a lot of potential here but so far the story is WAY too slow and the main character is a bumbling idiot who can t hold a job She has a degree in chemistry but for some reason only tries to get menial jobs such as waitressing I liked the humor of the series, just wish it was written with a stronger woman in mind At the end of the volume, Elliot had just finally arrived at the doctor s house So in one full trade paperback, Elliot managed to find a job and travel to it The first volume could have been reduced to a single issue.
Received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
actual rating 2.
5After looking at some other reviews of this title I saw it mentioned that the author and artist of this are 1 not native English speakers which you could assume from the last name but still and 2 apparently very popular on DeviantArt The first I would say is mostly a non issue as the English in this not BAD by any means, but perhaps a different cultural background explains why the whole thing just seems so awkward to me and also why the pacing is so off The DeviantArt thing is also not bad in an of itself but it certainly explains a lot because while the art is technically very nice the whole thing does have an air of extended webcomic some teenager put on their DeviantArt profile circa 2007 If you re into that then I m sure that s a major selling point but to me it just made the whole thing seem weirdly dated despite being published only a few years ago The plot I t I ve been a big fan of Stjepan eji s work for a long time, so when I saw this in my my local comic store, I picked it up I m assuming it s his wife Sister It seems unlikely that there would be two illustrators from croatia both named Sejic with similar styles both working in comics Anyway I enjoyed this one well enough It s a bit of a slow start though I shouldn t throw any stones in that regard But it moves along well, and I m enjoying the characters Perhaps most importantly, I m genuinely curious where the story is going, and if the second one was available, I d buy and read it right now.
I received a digital copy of this for reviewing This one was great So funny I liked the main character Elliot She was so down to earth Her thirst for work was no mare matter Her sister kept pushing her on it, and she is also right two years without job can be pretty damaging The Doctor looked creepy enough, but I doubt he is evil I think he would turn out to be a generous person There were parody jokes about Adam s Family, Gandalf, and so on These were fun to read Also, every work tried by Elliot was hilarious Artwork of this issue was alright, paneling was good, main characters were ok I think fan of comedy mystery genre will like it, specially comedy fans.

This felt like about half of a graphic novel Could have used some editing down to move forward quickly in the plot I m interested enough to read the next volume though.
I want you all to know I am a terrible person.
As I read this, I kept thinking to myself Self, this sounds like something written by someone for whom English is not her first language But that couldn t be because while the author mentions her husband is named Stjepan and despite her last name being eji married name, probably , her first name is Linda So I assumedshe was English North American Australian some other country where the name Linda is super common and had married someone from oh, I don t know Serbia Romania Somewhere where names like Stjepan eji are super common So, obviously, this woman is just a terribly awkward writer and that s why everything reads just a bit off.
Do you see how terrible I am I am TERRIBLE No, but I get worse, I really do.
I was lookin Also available on the Wondrousbooks blog.
5 starsSomewhere in the asscrack of the Mediterranean This was a lot of fun Definitely not what one would expect from a title and a cover such as these, but Blood Stain is a great parody.
Elliot Torres, the main character, is in search of a job after a series of failed attempts we see hilarious flashbacks of her previous jobs and she stumbles upon a flier saying that a lab assistant is needed Her future boss is a weird Frankenstein type of character, who I suppose will turn out to be a big softie.
The entire book is very funny warning 30% of this volume is sketches and extras and is not part of the actual story , the characters are definitely comic relief and I don t think they should be taken too seriously Elliot herself is sometimes slightly annoying and not just slightly lazy, but so am I, so I found this even funnier.
I found the artwork

Linda Sejic is a Croation artist and illustrator.