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[ Pdf Upper Hand (Cedar Tree #5) Ä gothic PDF ] by Freya Barker ↠´ Find all of my reviews at Let me tell you a little story about this jerk who sends me pictures of sploosh worthy covers from NetGalley with messages like come on, go request this one, it ll be funnnnnnnn Then both she and myself end up approved only to find out the tattooed cowboy on the front was most definitely the sexiest thing about the book Payback s a bitch sometimes, though, because I ended up liking this than she who shall remain nameless Go figure shrug The basic premise of Upper Hand is Clint and Beth have been attracted to each other for some time, but they both apparently suffered some sort of brain injury that made them unable to communicate like humans Speaking of brain injury Clint suffers one and Beth becomes glued to his side at the hospital even though they never really even spoke to each other before and she s a waitress so how in the hell ca This is my second Freya Barker book and I loved it Her writing style is so down to earth and it s a refreshing change from all the fluffy stories I come across Her characters are just people, not glamour dolls.
This one is packed full of suspense and really shows the family bond their group of friends has developed with each other Not a selfish soul in the bunch Beth s son, Dylan, gets mixed up with some pretty nasty characters and ends up leaving his son, Max, with Beth to take care of and goes into hiding The story revolves around finding Dylan and keeping everyone safe because since they can t find Dylan, the organized crime ring is going after everyone they can to smoke him out especially his family.
The only thing that bothered me was the heroine, Beth Overall, I like her but, it seems like her first reaction to just about everything is anger and she goes off half cocked instead 4 to 4.
25 stars Freya Barker does all the things she seems to do best in Upper Hand This book has a terrific hero, Clint He is sexy, possessive, protective, strong, honorable, honest, loving, affectionate a group of friends who act like family, and even call themselves that non stop action and suspense lots of sexy times a couple of scenes were super HOT a cast of characters who are down to earth, hard working, good hearted and extremely generousIn this book, we also get a super cute little kid, Max Beth s grandson He was utterly adorable.
The only negative for me in Upper Hand were that I struggled a bit with Beth She was a bit too pissy and flew off the handle in a huff a little too easily for me She did have a soft side, one she showed to Clint and Max, but she didn t grow on me until the latter half of the book I don t think other readers will have any issue

Congratulations Fraya you did it again A great addition to the Cedar Creak series.
I loved Clint already always putting his foot in it with the ladies lolClint and Beth are perfect for each other.
SOME SPOILERS from here tho I will keep them limited Clint is in a coma where he hears Beth as a constant until he awakes Beth is almost living by his side but when forced to take a break stays with her son daughter in law and toddler grandson.
after 1mth Clint wakes to find Beth there for him and then the trouble begins.
His estranged brother is back and he and friends have kept his business going and when discharged from hospital Beth goes home to care for him.
Beths son is in debt and goes into hiding after his wives leaves him and little Max he leaves Max with Beth and vanishes.
Clint takes Beth and Max to kee Another great story in this series This one is about 2 stubborn hard headed people that deep down know they re right for each other, but just can t manage to take the 1st step And then add the foot in mouth syndrome and you think any kind of inkling of a relationship is just doomed.
I just took a wonderful trip back to Cedar Tree Freya Barker is a brilliant, creative, and freaking amazing writer.
I love her stories I love her characters She delivers another great addition to the series.
Upper Hand is Beth and Clint s story I know when I start to read a Freya Barker book, I am going on an adventure I get to laugh I get to cry I get family But most of all I get love.
Beth is one of my favorite ladies of the Cedar Tree family She is strong and tough She tells it like it is Inside she is soft and wants what everyone wants She is a fun character to read.
Clint is an alpha male, who bumbles his way into our hearts Like some men, his mouth overrode his brain This just made him loveable Finding out his secrets just made him hotter He is sexy,sweet,and yummy 4.
5 starsAs the story opens, Clint is still in the hospital after being attacked at the end of Clean Lines Before his injury, Clint experienced one too many rejections from the strong willed and independent Beth after months of emotional push and pull, and he finally gave up and walked away He never expects to open his eyes after weeks in a coma to find her sitting at his bedside as he tries to piece together exactly what happened to get him to this point Beth requires ironclad control of her life at all times after finding herself on her own at a young age as a single mother with zero support from her family Attempts at letting others into her life since then haven t gone well, and every time Clint made a little bit of progres More Often Than Not, Clint Mason Has His Foot Firmly Wedged In His Mouth, Which Tends To Get Him In Plenty Of Hot Water With The Ladies Although His Laid Back Good Ole Southern Charm Does Not Fly Far With The Female Population Of Cedar Tree, The Big Burly Contractor Hides His Dark Side WellThe Only One Beth Franklin Allows Herself To Rely On Is Beth, And So Far That Has Served Her Well Just When Her Son Disappears After Dropping His Little Guy Off On Her Doorstep, Her Life Seems To Spiral Out Of Control For The First Time Ever, Fearing For His Safety, The Fiercely Independent Waitress Is Forced To Be On The Receiving End Of A Helping Hand That S Not Easy For Her, Especially Since The Shovel Sized Hand Belongs To A Man Whose Approach Has Run Hot And Cold The Last Year, Leaving Her Feeling Off Balance With A Steady And Commanding Force, He Exposes Her Softer Side, While Doing Everything He Can To Keep Her And Those Close To Her Safe Due To Some Content Of A Sexually Explicit Nature, This Book Is Recommended For A Mature Audience Only This is book five in the Cedar Tree series and it is hilarious, fast paced, romantic and very enjoyable I read this one without having read the earlier books in the series but that didn t spoil my enjoyment and I am now very eager to read the others.
I wavered between 3.
5 and 4 stars I thought it rambled a bit in places but I enjoyed all the characters and I liked the fact that the female lead Beth was in her forties, a tough cookie but vulnerable at the same time and I loved the way Clint kept putting his foot in it I thought the plot of the story was realistic and it is great to have this as an ongoing series Beth is quite a tough woman She raised her son herself and now has a grandson and a job in a diner and life is ok except for Clint Clint is one of the locals and both Beth and Clint are deeply attracted to one another but Clint has a way of putting his foot in it

Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories Driven to make her books about real people with characters who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills, and some hot, sizzling sex in their lives.A recipient of the RomCon Reader s Choice Award for best first book, Slim To None , and Finalist for the Kindle Book Award with