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[ Pdf The Curse of Surya Ø pornography PDF ] by Dev Prasad Ð The Curse of Surya is written by an unknown author only to me, because he has already written one best seller, Pitch It is a thriller in the lines of Dan Brown series To be precise it was like Davinci Code, here the protagonist are in search of jewel which was lost some 5000 years ago.
Dev Prasad Indianized the Davinci Code, here a reporter from Singapore, Sangeetha and Davies were on a treasure hunt for a jewel Shyamantaka This jewel belongs to the god Surya and it always brings bad luck to whoever possess it It has its own history and also an exiting unbelievable power to that gem which makes it the most wanted treasure by people across the world.
The main character, Sangeetha, reaches India to cover one important function which was about to happen in Agra a Dev Prasad has successfully weaved in Indian history within a fast paced thriller Set in multiple locations with stories occurring simultaneously, the book has an inspired way of story telling which is fast paced, sleek and quite gripping The reader also gets a good insight into Indian history, and incidents folklore from Lord Krishna s life Definitely worth reading Awesome thriller Fast paced and simply unputownable The Curse of Surya is a very fast paced crime thriller where the entire story happens in less than two days Unlike other Indian crime thrillers, this one has a great blend of international flavour and Indian History I read the entire Book in just one sitting Every chapter ends on a suspenseful note I found this enjoyable than Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons simply because this was a story that I could easily associate with.
The story starts off with various protagonists coming from Singapore, UK and the US to India and on a treasure hunt filled with terror, deceit and horror I think this story has the potential to be made into a Hollywood Movie on the lines of Harrison Ford s Indian Jones Series.
When I started reading The Curse of Surya over the weekend and found myself hooked on to the book I finished the book in 2 sessions in the weekend Overall this book is a good fast paced treasure hunt It also gives a good insight into Indian history Another great write by DevPrasad I found reading this book enjoyable and I strongly recommend for a good read I can guarantee you that it an keep you engaged and maintains the curiosity to the subsequent pages till the end Good historical thriller.
Happy reading folks The Curse of Surya is an excellent, fast paced crime thriller I have read in the recent times Every chapter is speckled with surprises and a whole lot of twists and turns I started reading the first two chapters and soon realized that it is impossible to put this back before you read it fully A brisk, fiery and intelligent thriller

The Curse of Surya is a very interesting novel based on story of shyamantaka precious gem belonged to krishna , The novel narration is very excellent and straight forward without any unnecessary characters and confusions in the story, while reading it creates interest about krishna and explained about dwaraka in detail.
This is one of the best I ve ever read so far, I like suspense thrillers, so the whole basis of the book was interesting.
Obviously most of what is in the book is fiction, but Dev s story telling makes you think it s real His use of real places, people and events will make an interested reading.
definitely I recommend to read this a nice treasure hunt.
perfect tapestry of humour, love, hunt, and conspiracy along with mystery and twists.
love it.
reading this book This book keeps you literally on the edge of your seat, sometimes due to the Mythological mysteries and sometimes because of Sheer excitement The events mentioned in the book happen in the time frame of just two days.
Uttar Pradesh is all set to host two major international events, The International All Saints World Religions Conference at Krishna Janmasthan Temple in Mathura and the meeting between the Presidents of Singapore and India at the Taj Mahal in Agra A day before the Mathura event, a Tibetan is found dead at Krishna Janmasthan, that Tibetan was a reporter working for Channel 7 TV, Singapore Thus, Sangeeta, another reporter has to postpone her holidays to cover the Presidents meeting at Agra.
Sangeeta meets Alan Davies at Taj Mahal and they quickly become friends Both travel to Mathura to attend the All Saints World Religions Conf Sangeeta Rao, A Beautiful, Feisty Reporter At Channel TV In Singapore, Rushes To Agra On A Special Assignment After An Early Morning Phone Call At The Taj Mahal, She Meets Alan Davies, A Charming Welshman But A Terrorist Attack On Mathura S Renowned Krishna Temple Turns Them Into Fugitives From Justice And The Duo Must Decipher A Series Of Complex Cryptographs And Unearth The Illustrious Shyamantaka That Belonged To Surya, The Sun God, To Prove Their Innocence Joined In Their Quest By An Elderly Frenchman, Anton Blanchard, The Duo Race Against Time In Helicopters, Motor Boats And Yachts In Hot Pursuit Are The Brilliant And Daring SP Nisha Sharma And The Most Ruthless Terrorist Organizations Before She Realizes It, Sangeeta Is Trapped In A World Of Betrayal, Deceit And Horror Fast Paced And Gripping, The Curse of Surya Will Keep You Hooked And On The Edge Of Your Seat While You Unravel One Of The Biggest Mysteries In Years

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Curse of Surya book, this is one of the most wanted Dev Prasad author readers around the world.