Trailer ✓ The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera PDF by ¿ Sandra Hempel

Trailer ✓ The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera PDF by ¿ Sandra Hempel The interest of humanity were best advanced by the universal practice of humanityPioneering Figure of Epidemiology and Anesthesia if your doctor has not heard of this man.
be waryA lonerA shy reclusive manA vegetarianAn avoid er of alcohol QuietObservant Avid believer and follower in helping his fellow human being regardless of class and or situation.
John Snow was all of these and was considered to be the weirdo of the Victorian Era.
Respected for sure but considered odd by his fellow doctors.
Snow was not a genius He was not flamboyant He was not a typical rags to riches story He was not super obsessed with science medicine He was not sly or crafty He was not rude or superficial.
He was an articulate observant man wh In a horrifying slideshow of medical treatments that will make anyone glad to have been born within the last century, Sandra Hempel scours the records of Britain s repeated brushes with asiatic cholera in the mid 1800s, eventually focusing on the story of humble physician and vegetarian hero John Snow Roundly derided by the miasmatists who embraced popular medical theories of the day, Snow discovered and attempted to prove, through careful epidemiological mapping and interviews with victims families, that cholera was being spread through tainted water supplies Personally, I ve always had a soft spot in my heart for popular writing, fact or fiction, about plagues and epidemics It has all the suspense of a good murder mystery without anything so petty as a motive At times The Strange Case is packed with too Every so often I leave the world of fiction and delve in to other subjects Historical discoveries, usually those that have a direct impact on us particularly appeal to me and this title stood out Now as the cover explains it follows the events that afflicted London and the country during the 19th century due to successive Cholera out breaks and the pioneering work done by one man John Snow no idea if this was the basic of the fictional character or not The book covers the events that surrounded the various out breaks and work that was conducted not just by Mr Snow but by all the various people who became instrumental is finally putting the stop to them Both heroic and infamous these stories play out across an over crowded and disgusting unhygienic London rife with inequality and depreciation As the author Sandra Hempel says it was only a few short ye

I was bought this book as a gift a decade or so ago, and did try reading it back then, but didn t get very far with it as I wasn t reading as much back then I m very glad I dug it back out from my TBR pile, however.
The author tells the tale of Dr John Snow s clever deductions about an outbreak of cholera in the Soho slums of 1800s London It s a tale with which I was pretty familiar with the central tenets of, from my own microbiology background, but Hempel adds a lot to the story and puts it all in context Well researched, excellently told with respect to the grim times and upsetting environs in which the epidemics took root, and at a level which doesn t patronise the scientifically minded whilst still remaining approachable to the casual reader It all made for a very educational and compelling read.
However, I agree The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump describes the waves of cholera that spread across the world from 1817 to 1866, what was done to treat it, and what was discovered about it While many people and places were mentioned, we learned the most about John Snow since he made the greatest discovery about how cholera was spread and the main focus was on the cholera related events in London, England The book also described related topics like the medical and sanitary practices of the day, medical training, etc Sometimes it felt like the author was wandering off topic, but these asides still gave an interesting look at the time period.
The author frequently quoted letters, journal articles, case notes, etc.
, from that time period They described what someone sick with cholera went through, the medical views on the spread and treatment of cholera A riveting true story that reads as easily as good fiction Sandra Hempel tells the story of John Snow and his discovering the route by which cholera is spread Well researched and told via a great plot, this is a truly enjoyable and interesting read Set mostly in Victorian England, the book also gives historical insight into living conditions, the medical establishment, public health and civil engineering at the time.
Absolutely brilliant I had heard of the broad street pump episode and the map John Snow used and I was unmoved a fun and dramatic story which does not illustrate the genius of John Snow and even encourages people into misleading texas sharp shooter type investigations After reading this book, John Snow is my hero His best piece of work was the collection of data on water sources among cholera victims which he used to determine whether this exposure was associated with greater risk of illness With this, he could determine whether his hunch was correct rather than, for example, assuming he was correct because he was smarter than everyone else which seems to have been the position of much of the medical establishment at the time His ideas illustrate his lack of ego and the way in which he pursued his ideas are evidence of the strength of his character.
Sandra Hempel spices up the Popular books, The Strange Case Of The Broad Street Pump John Snow And The Mystery Of Cholera Author Sandra Hempel This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Strange Case Of The Broad Street Pump John Snow And The Mystery Of Cholera, Essay By Sandra Hempel Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Alternative title for this book The Medical Detective John Snow, Cholera And The Mystery Of The Broad Street Pump.
I really enjoyed this book It goes beyond it s title it s not just about Broad Street but also the history of cholera s travels around the world, the beginning of anaesthesiology and epidemiology, the London drinking water system and orphanages Most surprising person mentioned Elizabeth Gaskell Sandra Hempel manages to show the works of Dr John Snow in a clear manner Snow was a quiet man, who despite his many great works, could have gone down in history unknown A man of no social status or money, his word work isn t recognized and, at one time, is plagiarized If not for Reverend Whitehead, Snow would have been forgotten by history, and that would have been re I discovered this book while reading On the Map A Mind Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks, where it was referenced because of the map John Snow made of cases of cholera in London in 1854 They were concentrated around a particular public water pump Snow was convinced that cholera was disseminated through dirty water, but most physicians believed it was bad air He was finally vindicated, after having been ignored for a long time, but his fame came after his untimely death The book covers how physicians were educated, the discovery of anesthesia, which Snow was also connected with, and the discovery of germs Sadly or happily , this book leads to three that look very interesting I ll never get through my to read list at this rate.

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