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[Jessica Therrien] ☆ Redemption (Children of the Gods, #3) [romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ Lead Council Member, Christoph, Is Dead By Elyse S Hand, And Descendants Have Begun To Emerge, Exposing Their Secret To The World Some See This As The Prophecy Come To Fruition, But The Prophecy Caries A Heavy Consequence It Was Never Meant To Be As Peaceful As Most Had HopedHumans And Descendants Struggle To Live Together In A World That Isn T Ready For Such A Change America Is Divided Those Who Glorify The Supernatural Race Believe Descendants Truly Are The Gods They Claim Relation To Others See Them As A ThreatWhen Elyse Gives Birth To The Next Generation Oracle, She Sees One Final Vision War The Destruction Of The Country S Major Cities, And The End Of America As We Know ItAfter Her Daughter Is Born, Elyse Finds Herself Without The Ability She Needs To Predict The Future Desperate To Save The World From Such Conflict, She Puts Her Faith In The Hope That Descendants Are The Key To Survival After All, They Have The Power To Supply A Broken Society With The Means To SurviveOnly From The Ashes Can A New World Be Born This is the final instalment in the Children of the Gods Trilogy and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all three books, although I think that Uprising is my favourite The high standard of the writing is continued in Redemption and the action is as fast paced as ever but what has really kept me reading are the parallels that can be drawn in real life The suspicion with which the majority view any groups that are different, the fear it can create and the violent uprising that can occur when minority groups fight for their rights This trilogy may be set in a fantasy world but the problems it depicts are all too real Thank you to TBC and Jessica for sending me these books in return for an honest review.
I have read a lot of series where I love the first book, but after that, the series doesn t hold my attention The Children of the Gods series is absolutely the exact opposite of that I ve loved following Elyse and her friends as they e grown and fought, loved and lost This last book brought the series to a wonderful close, after some seriously heartrending moments and totally craziness in a good way I was glued to the pages, knuckles white over what was going on often to some of my favorite places on the planetSan Francisco sniff I promise that is the most minor spoiler I ll give , but having to know what happened next In terms of what would happen in the world should the events leading up to Redemption happened as in, a bunch of people came out and revealed that they had some seriously amazing gifts and potentia

My Review I want to first thank Jessica Therrien, who was the first ever author to take a chance on two newbie blog partners by sending us each an ARC of her book to review when I was part of the blog BookMark Belles I now blog on my own no there aren t any hard feeling between me my former blog partner It s been about a year or maybe even longer since I ve read Oppression Uprising books 1 2 in The Children of the Gods series, but picking up Redemption took me right back to where it all started, like it was yesterday.
In redemption Elyse finally gets to fulfill the prophecy she has been destined for which has been a long time coming Oh the Descents can finally be themselves YAASS Agh I almost forgot about one of my fave YA book boyfriends William phew Thanks for the reminder Jessica Book 3 packed so much into it, but in a good way there was love, war, worry of course the gods Elyse has a Redemption This is the last book in The Children of the Gods trilogy, and by golly what a finale, wow wow wow I do enjoy reading trilogies and series, but often find that they don t hold zmy attention all the way to the end This trilogy completely gripped me from beginning to end, and I really didn t want it to finish They are the first books in a while that have had me reading into the night Redemption has a bit of everything war, fighting, betrayal, heartbreak, hope, friendship, loveJessica has packed it all in I loved how all the characters were memorable, I kept track of who was who with ease and even remembered their powers the Greek God mythology part of the stories was fab I will be recommending this trilogy to everyone, a 5 finale from me Many thanks to TBC and Jessica Therrien for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jessica Therrien is the author of the young adult series Children of the Gods Book one in the series, Oppression, became a Barnes Noble best seller shortly after its release Her trilogy has been translated and sold through major publishers around the world, such as Editions AdA Canada , EditionsMilan France , and SharpPoint Press China.Aside from her Children of the Gods series, Jessic