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ä Rough Sketch õ Download by â Teega Mack I m really glad I picked it up So emotional and amazing He S Got It All Fame, Money, Sex Appeal But Bad Boy Artist Hudson Jones Is Already A Complete Mess At Twenty Five, And All His Friends Know It They Ve Witnessed The Heavy Drinking And Drugs, The Out Of Control Fighting, And The Scores Of Damaged Women Who Have Dared To Spend The Night With Him, Willing To Endure His Brutal Dominance For The Chance To Be Seen With A Star But No One Knows Why Hudson Has A Violent Streak, And He Prefers To Keep It That Way Besides, He S Pretty Sure He Can Suppress His Habits For Lilith S Sake But When Figures From His Horrific Past Resurface And He Can No Longer Ignore The Trauma He Once Endured, His Compulsive Need For Control Threatens To Take Over Pleasant, Bubbly Lilith Hughes Just Wants To Focus On Her Art After All, She S Travelled All The Way To Canada From England On Her Parents Dime Just To Have Some Time Alone With A Canvas And A Brush And Maybe She Wouldn T Have Fallen So Hard For Hudson If Her Friends Hadn T Warned Her About How Screwed Up And Dangerous He Is But She Has Become Intrigued By This Sexy Rebel With The Mysterious Nightmares That Have Him Pleading For Mercy In His Sleep, And Now All She Wants To Do Is Fix The Broken Bad Boy And Show Him The Love He S Never Had And So What If He Is Known For Being Rough In The Bedroom She Knows What She S Getting Herself Into At Least, She Thinks She Knows Please Note This Book Contains Dark Themes, Discussions Of Child Abuse, And Graphic Depictions Of Rough Sex, And Is Suitable For A Mature Audience EXCERPT Can I Look He Hesitated He Had Only Ever Allowed Maddy To See His Sketches They Were Personal And Dark, A Glimpse At The Broken Parts Of His Soul His Sketches Came Unedited, Unfiltered, A Scribble Of His Hand To Create Exactly What He Was Thinking Of Unlike His Paintings When He Painted, He Portrayed Only What He Wanted People To See But, Like Mad Before Her, Lilith Probably Wouldn T Have Any Idea What The Images Meant, And Besides, She Hadn T Laughed At Him For Crying In His Sleep Like Some Dumb Little Kid Maybe His Soul Was Safe With Her Yeah, Go Ahead He Tried To Sound Casual, But His Voice Came Out Too Loud And His Hands Shook He Watched As She Opened The Book, Her Delicate Fingers Handling It As If It Were Made Of The Finest Gossamer On The First Page Was An Almost Exact Sketch Of The Rock And Stream Painting, Except That In This Picture There Was An Opening In The Cliff Framed With Wood, The Entrance To A Mine She Turned To The Next Page, A Sketch Of The Meadow Painting, Exactly The Same Except For A Small Hole In The Earth Where The Meadow Rose Into A Bit Of A Hill, The Type Of Hole A Fox Might Live In He Could See The Question On Her Face Before She Spoke It Why Are These Ones Different She Asked The Dreaded Question He Shrugged They Re Just Rough Sketches, Like A First Draft Not A Final Product At All I Take Out The Unnecessary Parts When I Paint Them There, Would That Be Enough Explanation No, Apparently Not, Because The Next Question Was Already Forming On Her Lips, The Same Mad Had Asked When He Saw The First Sketches In The Series, Ages Ago Well, The Paintings Are Called Small Spaces, Though, Aren T They You Took Out The Only Small Spaces In The Pictures Yeah, But I Just Name Them Whatever I Feel Like You Know, Art And All That He Waved His Hand Like It Didn T Matter Never Mind That He Had Named Twenty Three Paintings The Exact Same Thing Wow did not expect that read the reviews but still Bang it was crazy, amazing and fantastic Great storyline Totally different and unexpected Loved it

Teega Mack s Rough Sketch is an in depth story with roots in one of our greatest shames Child abuse ranks very high on my scale of horror Children are so precious Ok, back to Rough Sketch Lilith is an artist from England sent to Canada by her parents to get her away from a bit of a wild life She works at a local bar and makes some friends One of her friends is the best friend of Hudson, a very talented and successful artist Hudson, however is a lost soul Lil is warned away from forming any kind of relationship with him by her friends Hudson is rough, unpredictable and volatile Hudson has a secret Lil is drawn to him, in spite of the warnings The trust Lil gives him is touching The care and love that is demonstra This book is great literature It makes me want to change all my previous 5 star reviews to a 4, because it is that moving and well written.
I can t classify Hudson He s not a hero, exactly I mean, he is the hero in the sense of a romance book, but he isn t the hero as in the one who save s the day That is Lillith He is definitely one of the protagonists, but he is also the problem He s an abuse survivor, which makes him feel the need to defend himself all the time, which results in fighting He sexually dominates to express that he is powerful to himself, than to others He lacks the emotional self confidence I think it necessary in an alpha Really, he is a sheep in wolves clothing, who is very successful at acting the wolf He wants very much to be a good man, but at the beginning isn t necessarily aware of what that would involve, because of the horrible abuse he s

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