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[Richard Clapton] ✓ The Best Years of Our Lives [cyberpunk PDF] Ebook Epub Download Æ The Best Years of Our Lives is an enjoyable, easy rock n roll read which should have a place on the bookshelf of any Oz Rock fan.
Richard has certainly lead an interesting, adventurous life and its these colourful stories between 1968 1990 which make up the chapters of the book Being the great songwriter that Richard is, he makes an excellent storyteller which makes this book so enjoyable to read.
You really do feel like you re travelling around the world with him on a variety of adventures or at times killing off copious amounts of brain cells around Australia Just like his songs themselves, Richard effectively makes you feel transported to particular places and times.
I loved reading the stories behind some of Richard s well known hits and how they Being a massive Clapton fan I was disappointed with this book.
It was not comprehensive as far as his full life story goes and he tends to gloss over his personal life in favour of describing how drunk and drugged out he got The last 50 pages are particularly tedious with descriptions of countless parties.
I do not feel I know him any better being very familiar with his career, which I thought this book might deliver.
Interesting story life and well worth reading but the writing could use some serious editing.
I wish I could say I enjoyed reading this book, but I found it painfully tedious I kept reading hoping it would get better, but it just seemed to drone on One breath he says he doesn t do drugs, next breath he admits he did Where was the story of his earlier years He speaks glowingly of his daughters, but barely touches upon his life with them Instead he chose to fill the book with name dropping of other people in the music industry, and then gossiping about their lives It s bad enough the media invades the lives of the famous, revealing unnecessary intimacies just to get a story out there, let alone have someone who should know better do it also If they had wanted the world to know their life story, they would have told it themselves Bad form Richard I am not a huge fan of his music, but the few songs I do like are excellent, which is why I gave one star I g

Start with the anecdote with the most well known people The Rolling Stones.
Clapton got access to the band when he was just 16.
The middle section relates his rambling life in a rock and roll band.
The end chapter is the most interesting A well thought out essay on modern life the last 25 years, which is not mentioned hardly at all in this memoir.
I find quite often that memoirists are incredibly detailed in their early life.
But this peters out in the modern day construct.
Do we over romanticise the past Is our modern drudgery just not thrilling enough Does the reality of life and the frailties of age seem not that worthy of writing about There are writers who take on the challenge of writing into life past 80 i.
e Joan Didion, Germain Greer.
Clapton relates he feels that life is now This is one of those books where a 2nd read would perhaps do it justice, where you could match up his records closely with the appropriate chapter I honestly didn t realise how much he travelled and struggled and needed to borrow to get where he got Fans will love it Not sure of the final chapter.
This is a fairly poorly written rock autobiography in the style of and then I went there and then I did this.
Richard Clapton meets interesting people but doesn t name them one of the foremost classical conductors in Germany but who was he Sydney s most lecherous musician who was he.
managers he won t mention etc etc.
and there is no mention of where he was born, his family upbringing and then it all stops in 1990Oh well Welcome To The Party That Never EndsWhen He Was He Inveigled His Way Into A Sydney Hotel To Hang Out With The Rolling Stones From That Day On, Richard Clapton Knew He Was Going To Be A Rock Star It S Now Almost Years Since That Fateful Day Years Filled With A Lifetime Of Incredible Experiences, Outrageous Good Times And A Catalogue Of Iconic And Timeless Songs Through The Glory Years Of Rock N Roll, In Cities As Varied As London, Berlin, Sydney, Los Angeles And Paris, Richard Forged His Own Career And Built Up A Significant Body Of Work While Living, Loving And Partying With The Biggest Names In The Australian And International Music WorldBy His Own Frank Admission, These Were Years Fuelled By Prodigious Quantities Of Alcohol And Drugs, Set Against A Backdrop Of Constant Recording And Touring, Of Endless Partying And Wild Times It Was To Be A Rollercoaster Ride Of Euphoric Highs And Deep, Shattering LowsFor Years, Richard Clapton Has Been, Above All Else, A Songwriter A Wry Observer Of Human Behaviour And An Astute Commentator On The Australian Condition His Best Songs Deep Water , The Best Years of Our Lives , Goodbye Tiger , Glory Road , Lucky Country , Girls On The Avenue , Trust Somebody And Capricorn Dancer Capture The Essence Of This Country And The Meaning Of Our Lives Like Few OthersIn This Extraordinary Memoir, Richard Employs His Songwriter S Keen Powers Of Observation, Portraiture And Storytelling To Tell The Best Story Of All The Remarkable One Of His Own Life Outrageous, Funny, Insightful And Poignant, This Is The Rock Memoir To Beat Them All In Celebration Of Years Of Fabulous Music And Iconic Songs, Welcome To The Best Years Of Our Lives

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