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[ Read Online Love and Law Ï polygyny PDF ] by K. Webster ë While I did enjoy reading this book it was not without its flaws The h is supposedly one of the best detectives in the department but acts like a rookie cop Her behavior right from the beginning was immature and unprofessional There was no depth to this character The H s grandmother was ridiculous No one who goes to church as much as her and does not allow cursing will be ok with her grandson having sex with a woman in her house Plus, her reaction to discovering the H s secret was pretty unrealistic The H, by the way, is a chauvinistic pig He demands that his grandmother have his favorite foods cooked for him by the time he comes home and does nothing to help her around the house He is one of those guys that believes a woman s place is in the kitchen The h goes from almost sleeping with her partner to having sex with a man she just met When she confronts the villain that murdered 3.
5 starsThis book is not an example of how extremely talented K Webster is This is the least innovative book I ve read by her so it was frustrating, knowing how much she is capable of Ignoring all of that, this was an entertaining read.
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Copy provided by author in exchange of honest review image error Maya is just a little girl when she sees her dad get killed by non other than a drug dealer Her world is turned upside down when her mother leaves her behind and her father is murdered, leaving her aunt to care for her Maya had a horrible life growing up and always wanted to get her revenge for the loss of her father Maya grows into a tough cop and wants to put all the bad people in jail, where they belong She is one of the youngest lady s at Detroit s Police Department She has an amazing best friend whom is also her partner, Miguel He s in love with her but she won t give in, she wants nothing to do with relationships Maya goes undercover when a young woman gets killed in a drug deal gone wrong The first person she meets is Pac, but his real name which nobody knows is Ben Cartright She has to put up a front and tells him she s been kicked out of her par

4 stars An enticing read by K Webster Love and Law was great In this book we are introduced to a world of crime, drugs, revenge, passion, desire and love Maya was 9 years old when she witnessed her father s murder, she has since become one of the finest officers the Detroit P.
D has Detroit is a city filled with drugs and crime, the P.
D has a huge problem on their hands and that is where Maya comes into play Maya is given her first undercover job as a drug dealer trying to infiltrate one of these dangerous street crews and that is where it gets good Maya has a partner named Miguel and for years he has had a thing for her, one night it goes a bit far but they agree to remain friends Miguel isn t really happy with Maya s undercover role but as her partner he is there to support her On one of her first days undercover Maya meets Ben Pac on the streets a 4.
5Read, read, read Oh no Ohh holy crap AhhhhhhThis was a great read The characters were so strong and came to life right in front of your eyes It s like watching a movie as you read the book I love that feeling of sinking right in and seeing nothing around you or hearing anything but the words.
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5 Love Law StarsThis is the story of when two people on the opposite sides of the law fall in love If you re looking for a smutty and quick read about an undercover cop who falls for a drug dealer she s meant to be busting, then this is definitely the read for you If you re looking for a super in depth crime procedural, you won t find it here I think adding a bit details to the actual crime part could have benefited this story, but it s STILL a good read none the less.
Tough Hardened A Sad Past That Fuels Her Need For Justice She May Be One Of The Few Female Cops At Her Precinct, But She S The BestUntil She S Put Undercover Intimidating Powerful A Dark, Illegal Side That Dictates His LifeHe May Be A Criminal, But He S Good At ItNo One Crosses Him Without Paying A Price When Good Meets Bad, The Lines Are BlurredTwo People From Opposite Sides Of The Law CollideFiery Attraction Explosive Chemistry An Instant ConnectionThere Are No Laws For Love