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[ Read Online Windswept (Kismet Cove, #2) Î ancient PDF ] by Susan Hayes ↠´ The second book in the Kismet Cove series a well written story that kept me turning pages This is Vivian Waverly and selkies, shapeshifters Tucker Pine and Byron Triggs who are the two men she meets and falls in love with The story has suspense, drama, danger, arson, villains, and romance I enjoyed reading and I will be looking for the next book in this series I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
YOWZER Just as hot and sexy as Riptide but throw in some danger in the form of a dangerous and drunk seal Vivian makes her way to Kismet Cove for Jess non wedding, bonding ceremony Oops semi spoiler if you didn t read Riptide Well there WAS an HEA Oh Vivian wants to play with two men She is not sure if she wants a forever thing, but hey this is the time for fun Then she meets Byron and Tucker, holy crap on a cracker the men in Kismet Cove are hot Byron and Tucker both felt a pull to Viv the moment they meet her She feels like heaven and home to them Now to just get her to take a chance on them and to stay Of course there is an HEA, but the journey to get there is filled with heat, danger, and one pissed off seal I am When Vivian Arrives In The Small Town Of Tofino For Her Best Friend S Wedding, Her Own Love Life Is The Last Thing On Her Mind The Winds Of Fate Are Changing, And Soon She Finds Herself Falling For The Sinfully Sexy Owners Of Breakers, The Local Bar Tucker And Byron Are Selkies, Seal Shapeshifters From The Colony Of Kismet Cove Bound Together By Blood, The Two Of Them Are Destined To Share A Mate They Ve Just About Given Up Hope Of Finding Her When Vivian Turns Their World And Their Hearts Upside Down Before Long Dark Secrets, Old Wounds, And New Enemies Conspire Against The Three Lovers They Ll Have To Fight To Stay Together, Defying Family And Tradition Along The Way When Trust Is Broken And Forces Conspire Against Them, Can Their Love Weather The Storm This book will keep you reading till the end It starts off where the first book ends You can read it as a standalone but to get a better idea of the backstory and the characters you can read the first book Vivian is going to Tofino for her best friend s wedding, and romance is the last thing on her mind, she just quick her job and wanted to enjoy her vacation That all changed when she met two sexy men Tucker and Bryon are selkies, seal shapeshifters living in secret They have been looking for their fated mate for a long time think it will not happen, until the took one look at Vivian and they know she was the one to complete their trio To stay together there were going to defy tradition, as Vivian was human Will this tear them apart How will the colony of Kismet Cove accept her and them A great story I look forward to from this series.
I received I want to visit Kismet Cove and find me some hot men Vivian is a pistol Her character is the type of person you want to claim as a family member and a best friend Excellent character development Tucker and Byron are dolls Their relationship outside social norms are enough of a challenge Add to the guys being selkie s, well that takes some serious mind freeing Vivian is up to the challenge The challenges this thruple faces are just icing on the cake of this story Can they overcome their difficulties Can Vivian make that leap This is an entertaining, excellent story It follows Riptice seemlessly I hope there are stories Ms Hayes had an excellent depth of relationship understanding Well done I received an ARC from booksprout for a review.
This is the second book in the Kismet Cove series and it is even better that the first one.
Jessica is about to marry Rory and Evan the two men in her life See Book 1 and she has asked her only friend Vivian to come to the wedding So Vivian has handed in her notice climbed on her bike and ridden across the country to be with her She will decide what she is doing with her life after the wedding of Jessica What she doesn t expect is to meet Tucker Pine and Byron Triggs another pair of selkies like Rory and Evan who will also share a mate due to their blood bond They want Vivian but can she overcome her insecurities and the secret of the selkie way of life to commit to the two men that make her blood hum Will they get a HEA you need to read to see Another thrilling selkie tale Two sexy selkie shifters are enough temptation for Vivian to consider moving to the Tofino area Tucker and Byron are blood brothers, although Tucker has personal reasons for avoiding Kismet Cove I love that Vivian is brave enough to take a chance with these two, even though it s beyond her social norms Tucker and Byron are each strong and appealing characters No romance ever goes smoothly, however Some situations threaten to derail the affair altogetheror prove fatal read and enjoy I loved it A fun magical paranormal readThis story just carried me away I got caught up in Vivian, Tucker, and Byron s lives and love Fate had a hand in their meeting, sort of But between the chemistry, which is white hot, and the guys secret the angst is rampant I really love this mythology I love the characters, baggage and all Most of all though I just appreciate the flow and style of this sexxxy tale.

I loved Tucker, Vivien and Byron s story ALOT I love Susan s style of writing and her story telling so I am definately looking forward to book 3 Her best friend is getting married and the last thing on Vivian Waverly s mind is romance until she meets two men who just might be able to tame her restless heart Selkie shapeshifters, Tucker Pine and Bryon Triggs are bound by blood and magic and destined to share a mate and they want it to be Vivian Fate may have helped them find each other, but the trio will have to break the rules, defy tradition and forge a new path for themselves and the Kismet Cove colony is they want to stay together.
Another wonderfully engaging and super steamy book in the Kismet Cove series with strong, bold characters that take reader s by storm Tucker, and Bryon have some seriously electrical chemistry with Vivian but she s isn t looking for romance and has no plans to stay in Kismet Cove, so they will work hard and use their scorching hot wooing passions to convince her that they are

Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends She s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and accidentally swum with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef If the world ends, she plans to survive as the spunky, comedic sidekick to the heroes of the new world, because she s too damned short and out of shape to make it on her own for long.W