Download Epub Format ñ My Everything (The Lycan Princes #1) PDF by ¾ Jorja Kish

Download Epub Format ñ My Everything (The Lycan Princes #1) PDF by ¾ Jorja Kish I really liked the story line there were a lot of sex scenes but I didn t mind the author made each character interesting I wanted to know on each I really want to know what happens next especially with the other brothers This book has lots of potential however is nowhere as good as it could be.
There quite a few holes in the story that I believe a experienced writer would not have missed.
Examples 1 If the main character, Squeak has been doing cage fighting for years, why is he so helpless 2 You just got beaten to within an inch of your life, would you be having sex while your face is smashed and your body broken 3 If you have been kidnapped as a baby and later found as an adult, don t you ask about your birth parents Who they are, if they are still alive, etc4 When listening to your kidnapping story you find out that you have siblings that have been kidnapped at the same time as you, wouldn t you want to know and show some worry for those same siblings Would you not want to be involved in finding them 5 Squeak s reunion with his Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci Fi Romance, M M, Shape Shifters, HEA Cage Fighter By Necessity, Squeak Dodges The Henchmen Sent By His Boss He Hides Out At The Crossroad Bar And Manages To Have Hot Dirty Sex With A Stranger Unfortunately, Something Inside Of Squeak Is Unleashed When Bitten On The Shoulder Terrified With The Excruciating Pain, Squeak Flees Into The Night Oblivious To The Mating BiteCommander Tynan Rhys Is Tired And Wants To Return To The Lycan Home World The Crossroad Bar Is The Last Stop On His Mission, And He Fears It S Another Wild Goose Chase A Neon Green Cap Catches His Eye, And He Soon Finds Himself With A Little Imp That Makes His Blood Burn With Lust Due For A Quick Hookup, Tynan Seduces The Gorgeous Man, But When His Canines Drop With The Uncontrollable Urge To Bite, All Thoughts Of His Mission Are LostTynan Realises Too Late That He Claimed One Of The Missing Lycan Princes, And Now Faces A Death SentenceA Siren Erotic Romance I don t always read reviews before starting a book Hell, sometimes I don t even read the blurb.
But I singled this out, then read some reviews, then felt bummed at the lack of positive ones, then thought f ck it, I m reading it anyway Kinda glad I did, after getting pissy at the book I read immediately before, this one cheered me up.
Yeah there were some parts that I thought Seriously but screw it, it had shifters, and knotting, and m preg, and sci fi and all the things that I need once a month when I feel like crap.
I liked it So there.
While the storyline is good and I m interested in reading about the remaing broths the writing style was a bit too jumpy for me As others have commented, the jump from deathbed to sex is to abrupt As this is the first book from an author though I ll wait for a few books before I decide weather I stop reading her books or not.
I am going to be a bit less crushing since this is apparently a maiden effort, but really, I haven t read a book that has so many crying men in a while now.
The book DOES have ingredients for the kind of nice, overdramatic, angst ridden books that I like, but the author lost it all in a storyline that went from deathbed scenes to 30 page sexathons in a space of no seconds One second one of the MCs is brutalized with gory descriptions of just how injured he is, the next they re having a sex party If my arms are broken to the point where my bones are showing, can I just point out that sex would be nowhere on my mind The story then tells you there is urgency threats of execution and some important cargo to deliver and plotty shit but apparently even the end of the world can be put on pause if there s great sex waiting to happen.
Burning pillar falling on you Let s have great sex first.
I won this book in a giveaway.
What did I like I love that he kept his name, Squeak I love his reaction to finding out his heritage, and even better his reaction to his legacy Thanks, Kellen The relationship between the main couple is just adorable Recommendation I loved this book I am looking forward to in the series.

Really like the concept of this story, and it has mpreg yay I believe this is a new author with a lot of potential The book does have a lot of sex scenes but, no than the other popular writers that writes similiar material I did skim those scenes because the plot was interesting Looking forward to reading of this series and other works.
Writhe and wither are two very different words At least three times in this book someone was withering or some other form of the word while in the midst of sex Now, if this had been a horror story with some sort of vampire, bloodsucking, psychic, whatever, maybe I could see the withering It was not So yeah, there should have been NO withering sigh Moving onthis was bleeding purple prose all over the place In fact, I wanted to go read an eighties bodice ripper to clear my head Next gripe, these guys are supposed to be some kind of elite force searching for the lost princesbut they make some seriously stupid, newbie moves, all for the sake of setting up the next plot point The idea was pretty cool but the execution just didn t do much for me.
This started out good, but then for me it went down hill Had to start skimming the sex scenes.
The sex scenes were getting a bit much And the first one was right after one of the mc is beaten really badthe exposed bones that were snapped on his upper arms when he tried to move his arms and found an elastic gauze wrapped around them from shoulder to wrist andhis face was so swollen he could see out of one eye he also had to be sedated twice But then when he wakes up next they have heavy sex No thoughts of ALL the injuries he has.
And also this is a Man on Man story not m f some of the sex scenes are written for m f the wording view spoiler.
likethe creamy lube that was his mate s natural essence hot lube that came natural from his aroused body.
licked the creamy slick that fell from the pink rosette etcRea

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