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[ Read Online Catch Me If You Can (The Mancini Way #1) É mombasa PDF ] by Jordan Silver ✓ Hank Mancini Is The Elusive Billionaire With A Shadowy Double Life The Son Of A Wealthy Family He Appears To The Public As Nothing Than A Harmless Playboy, But To Law Enforcement Home And Abroad He S The Man They Want To Talk But Can Never Pin Down On The FBI S Most Wanted List For The Better Part Of Ten Years The Suspected Criminal Always Stayed One Step Ahead Meet Cierra Stone, The Bureau S Newest And Brightest Star, She S Been Groomed To Bring Down The Man Himself But Can The Young Beauty Succeed Where So Many Others Have Failed Or Is She Destined To Fall Victim To Mancini S Way This story had a very different vibe from every other Jordan Silver book I ve read It still features an alpha male but the pace was much slower than usual and there was very minimal heat I still enjoyed the cat and mouse game played between Sierra and Hank I liked the fact that Hank had the upper hand and I look forward to seeing how everything plays out.
Oh this was sooo not what I ve come to expect from Jordan Silver

Ok did I miss half the story here What the hell is going on in this book Do I have to read all of them to figure out this one Hell no I will not be doing that This story was not that good And I was not into the whole Profiler bull What is this an episode of criminal minds with some sex added and a failed love story added to make it seem like it was a romance book It was not my thing at all If you enjoy reading a book that should be in a series I mean labels this way then by all means pick this one up However, if you want a standalone type of story that makes sense, then I suggest you give this one a skip These are just my thoughts I had to write it down so that I don t read this book again.
Although this story was not as fast paced as previous books by Silver, Catch Me If You Can was still a pretty good read I really enjoyed alpha billionaire, Hank Mancini and the FBI agent s sparks flying all over the place Hank s relationship with his family was cool too Although I hate cliffy, I knew it going in with this one so on to Hold Me if You Can

Jordan Silver is the author of than 150 steamy romance novels and novellas featuring over the top alpha males and the women who love them.