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[Joël Dicker] ☆ La Vérité sur l'affaire Harry Quebert [dressmaking PDF] Read Online ì You know that thing when you get your hands on the latest 600 page literary blockbuster, full of excitement and anticipation So you are reading greedily and it s okay, but not completely engaging However, in the back of your brain you are very aware of the many international literary awards this book has clocked up, the fact that it has been translated into 32 different languages and been reviewed gushingly over and over again so you just know that any minute now you will be gobsmacked by it s erudite insight and finely crafted words.
Soon you realize that you are 350 pages into it and the much lauded literary merit is yet to smack you between the eyes, but perhaps the prosaic writing, two dimensional characters, improbable plot and editorial oversights are all part of some cunning device that you are clearly not enlightened enough to u How do you know when a book is finished books are like life Marcus They never really end I just loved this book Grand story and writing, unique in many ways, a calm but formidable buildup of the story which makes you want to keep going steady but with a building tension thinking all the time what s going on here , great whodunit with unbelievable twists and turns til the last pages, remarkable set of characters, great setting I just really enjoyed it from start to end And it s not only a crime story, it s a book about life, love, mistakes made Learn to love your failures Markus, because it is your failures that will make you who you are It is your failures that will give meaning to your victories , small town community living, boxing, running, writing so much and La V rit sur la verit sur l affaire Harry Quebert Reading bestsellers is like boxing, Marcus They can both cause brain damage But wait, said Gahalowood I still don t understand Why is the book so badly written Why is the writing so atrocious that every other sentence causes the reader physical pain, why is the dialogue so flat, and why are none of the characters even remotely credible I sighed You see, I said, that s exactly the point The book is meant to be terrible It s evidently constructed as a satire on the modern bestseller That s why it reads as though it s been Google translated from American with minimal cleaning up That s why it s so ridiculously long aren t all these bestsellers way too long That s why there s all the stuff about the publishing industry Tha This is an unusual book and a great mystery detective story It s unusual in that it s set in New England and you would never know that it was translated from the French The Swiss author used to spend his summers in Maine.
The story is Lolita ish Thirty three years ago a college English professor famous author from New Hampshire fell in love with a 15 year old girl But unlike Humbert, Nabakov s predator, this author genuinely tried to block his emotions discouraging the girl from visiting his home breaking up with her trying to leave not seeing her He just couldn t overcome his feelings The older author lives in a seafront house so we get some local color of New Hampshire, especially in a local diner where a lot of the action takes place Then the girl disappeared The older man never recovered emotionally from her loss Then thirty three years after her disappearance, the gi This book is, without a doubt, the worst thing I ve read in many years The fact that it was published at all boggles the mind HonestlyI want my money back Christ but it s terrible Joel Dicker should never publish another novel again Or write anything Even a grocery list Or speak He should go live in a monastery in the woods and never bother anyone again Dear lord Make it stop.
This novel reinforces for me why I love big books so much 1 They cover a lot of territory without feeling rushed or cramped 2 They leave room for many different sub plots to add spice and enhancement to the main plot 3 Their expansiveness, when utilized properly, allows the reader to live thoroughly the experiences in the book, sharing space with the characters, and getting to know them.
In this novel, I was completely occupied with being surprised, shocked, and moved by the characters sometimes I was busy being upset with them and judging them Only to find out I was wrong And then wrong again And how amazing and liberating to be wrong some , yet never for one minute relinquishing the urge to discover about the people involved in this story and to help solv Ver O De , AuroraNola Kellergan, Uma Jovem De Anos, Desaparece Misteriosamente Da Pequena Vila Costeira De Nova Inglaterra As Investiga Es Da Pol Cia Nada DescobremPrimavera De , Nova IorqueMarcus Goldman, Jovem Escritor, Vive Atormentado Com Uma Crise De P Gina Em Branco, Depois De O Seu Primeiro Romance Ter Tido Um Sucesso Inesperado Sente Se Incapaz De Escrever, E O Prazo Para Entregar O Novo Romance Expirar Dentro De Poucos MesesJunho De , Aurora Harry Quebert, Professor Universit Rio E Um Dos Escritores Mais Respeitados Do Pa S, Preso E Acusado De Assassinar Nola Kellergan, Depois De O Cad Ver Da Rapariga Ser Descoberto No Seu Jardim Alguns Meses Antes, Marcus, Amigo E Disc Pulo De Harry, Descobrira Que O Professor Vivera Um Romance Com Nola, Pouco Tempo Antes Do Desaparecimento Da JovemConvencido Da Inoc Ncia De Harry, Marcus Abandona Tudo E Parte Para Aurora Para Conduzir A Sua Pr Pria Investiga O O Objectivo Salvar A Sua Carreira, Escrevendo Um Livro Sobre O Caso Mais Quente Do Ano, E Dar Resposta Inc Gnita Que Inquieta Toda A Am Rica Quem Matou Nola Kellergan Toda A Gente Falava Do Livro Esta A Primeira Frase Do Romance A Verdade Sobre O Caso Harry Quebert Uma Profecia Que Se Cumpriu, Pois O Livro De Jo L Dicker J Se Transformou Num Fen Meno Mundial Le Monde Yeah, I have no idea why this is supposed to be so amazing The plot itself is kind of uninspiring and reminds me of so many dark secrets in a small town stories that Stig Larssen popularized And really, it s trying to be The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo just minus the secret Nazis so badly it s kind of laughable.
The characters were universally unlikable and honestly the jet set life of the best selling author kind of made me laugh my ass off Maybe I missed when Jonathan Franzen was being recognized on the street The only reason why I know what James Patterson or Michael Connolly look like is because they showed up on a couple episodes of Castle Also The Origin of Evil is about lovers separated by class What Also So Harry Quebert basically wrote The Notebook then And for all that this is about the amazing love affair betwen Harry Quebert and Nola SEE IT SOUNDS LIKE LOL Par o commencer D abord les points Lecture facile, histoire pas mal ficel e les Cet ouvrage, qui a tout de m me re u le prix du roman de l acad mie fran aise et goncourt des lyc ens, n a AUCUN style litt raire, je sais pas quoi je m attendais mais j avoue tre tr s d ue Je suis un peu comme Galahwood au d but du roman j aimerais me faire rembourser Les caract res des personnages sont peu d crits et peu travaill s Les descriptions sont risibles, la sc ne de rencontre entre Nola et Quebert pourrait sortir d un roman de Daniel Steel Quoi qu elle aurait probablement prit la peine de d crire les sentiments ici, on sait juste que Quebert a eu le coup de foudre en voyant les remous des vagues fr ler les jambes de la damoiselle Beaucoup trop de r p titions inutiles Dommage.
J ai t incroyablement d ue par ce livre Je ne comprends pas comment ce roman a pu tre r compens du prix de l Acad mie fran aise ou tre s lectionn pour le Goncourt Le style est tout simplement m diocre Les personnage sont creux, st r otyp s, et ne s exprime ni ne r agissent de fa on r aliste L histoire d amour autour de laquelle tourne tout le roman n est absolument pas d crite en dehors de nombreux dialogues mi vres si bien qu il est impossible d tre touch par cette histoire Si l auteur veut parler d une histoire entre un homme de trente et une fille de quinze ans, alors qu il prenne la peine de nous montrer comment cet homme a pu tomber amoureux d elle autrement qu en nous r p tant que la fille en question est extraordinaire C est le gros point faible de l criture de Dicker, il dit mais ne montre rien si bien que je n ai prouv aucune motion en le lisant Sans compter que l

Joel Dicker was born in 1985 in Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied law He spent childhood summers in New England, particularly in Stonington and Bar Harbor, Maine The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair won three French literary prizes, including the Grand Prix du Roman from the Acad mie Fran aise, and was a finalist for the Prix Goncourt Dicker lives in Geneva.