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[C.J. Daugherty] Þ Legacy [young-adult-fantasy PDF] Ebook Epub Download é Meine Reihenrezension .
Passou Um Ano Desde Que Allie Entrou Na Academia Cimmeria, Onde Encontrou Novos Amigos, Um Novo Amor E, Sobretudo, Um Porto De Abrigo Mas Dentro Dos Muros De Cimmeria Existe Um Grave Perigo Um Grupo Misterioso E Perverso Est A Tentar Destruir A Academia E Tudo Quanto Esta Representa Os Alunos Correm Perigo E, Como Se N O Bastasse, A Fam Lia De Allie Est No Centro Da Tempestade Consciente De Que Os Segredos Podem Destruir At A Rela O Mais Forte, A Rapariga Ter De Escolher Entre Salvar A Fam Lia E Confiar Nos AmigosA Vida De Allie Transformou Se Numa Perigosa Encruzilhada, Onde Tudo Est Em Jogo At O Amor Ova Eli koliko mi je bila simpati na u prvom delu, toliko mi je sad i la na ivce Volim ljubavne trouglove, al ovde mi je smetalo valjda jer volim Kartera TeamCarterWest Sve u svemu, savr ena knjiga 3 4 4,5 5 C.
J Daugherty , Daugherty Daugherty ,.
Jeste da me ovaj ljubavni trougao malo po inje nervirati, ali ostatak pri e je savr en.

Let it be noted that I skimmed through most of the book in the matter of mere hours and I didn t find this book interesting and flashed out enough to deserve my attention of reading it word to word Link So what s in store for us this time A heroine who is as funny and clever as a doormat, who is pinned after by two hot guys one prince charming and one brooding bad boy, any one , lot and lot of teenage soap operatic love dramas and love triangle which drown out everything else in the story e.
g the supposedly important conspiracy surrounding the school which has kind of gotten shoved to the background.
Plus what is the deal with a boy telling his girlfriend not to hang out with her other suitor Since when it s okay for a guy to tell his girlfriend whom she can befriend Nothing about the conspiracy and the heroine s mysterious family background has gotten any explanation neit 4.
5 stars And wow It s no secret that I didn t much care for Night School While I thought there was nothing wrong with it technically, it just didn t leave much of an impression But I ve been known to change my mind before, and I ve changed my mind this time Everything C.
J Daugherty failed to do with Night School, she did with Legacy, and then some The characters were memorable, the plot was absolutely thrilling, and even the love triangle wasn t as obnoxious as last time Quite the contrary, in fact.
Before all else, I feel the need to say about this formerly obnoxious love triangle I have never in my entire life switched teams mid series, not once, but I suppose there s a first time for everything Daugherty expertly manipulated me into liking Carter a lot less, and liking Sylvain infinitely , and yet I never felt manipulated at all Other authors have tried, I as 3 starsLife is full of pain, and you might as well get used to that right now It doesn t go away It accumulates Like snow.
You just get better at dealing with itSo nothing really happened in this book and the love triangle made it so much worse I will never understand the need to destroy a character just so we can have an excuse for it to happen view spoiler And seriously girl Back with the dude who nearly forced himself on you What can I say gg wp hide spoiler

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