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Ô Read  Wingless ; A Fairly Weird Fairy Tale by Paro Anand ✓ She S Born Wingless So What You May Ask So Are Most Of Us Well, She S A Princess, The Much Awaited Baby Of The King And Queen Of The Heavens, So It S A BIG So What Rejected By The Un Angelic Angels Up There, Her Parents Smuggle Her Out Of Heaven Now Begins The Journey To Earth And The Many Adventures To Find Her A New, Loving Home Of Not Too Much And Not Too Little

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Paro Anand s WINGLESS is no ordinary fairy tale Princess Chutki being an angel is born without wings And so, the evil doers of heaven devise a plan to manipulate the angels and bring them to kill the little one and further, end the rule of their honest and humble king and queen Forces from the two worlds unite to save and nurture Chutki As Chutki grows up, her desire to fly intensifies with each passing day Until one day when heaven and earth come together to bring Chutki homeHowever, WINGLESS is commendable for Atanu Roy s illustrations Each illustration in the book demands careful study of the image Generously detailed and wonderfully complementing Paro Anand s story, Atanu Roy in common slang owns the book A delightful and refreshing weekend read

Paro Anand is the author of 18 books for children and young adults, including plays, short stories, novellas and novels She is also published in several anthologies and has written extensively on children s literature in the country She headed the National Centre for Children s Literature, The National Book Trust, India, the apex body for children s literature in India As a part of her work her