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☆ The Night Eternal ↠´ Download by Í Guillermo del Toro , view spoiler , happy end hide spoiler My original review is below I revisited this book and, though I thought it impossible, my loathing has only grown I now hate this book and the catastrophic end it brought than Donald Trump hates our President More than the Kardashians hate privacy More than hippies hate soap More than children hate broccoli This book is an abomination that made me stupider to read it This book is a tragedy filled with faux mystical nonsense that the hack writers of the Left Behind series would feel ashamed to put on paper If a monkey had drunken sex with the Old Testament, this would have been the aborted offspring For the love of all that s unholy, do not read this book You ve been warned Oh, Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan You roped me in with your awesome, tense first book You kept me going through deprivation and fear in the second And then you give me this drivel The vampire Terceiro E Ltimo Volume Da Saga De Vampiros Da Autoria Do C Lebre Realizador Guillermo Del Toro A Estirpe Misteriosa Que Transforma Os Habitantes Dos Estados Unidos Da Am Rica Em Est A Espalhar Se Pelo Resto Do Mundo Apenas Um Pequeno Grupo Tenta Lutar Contra Os Monstros Sedentos De Sangue Mas Eph Goodweather, O M Dico Que Conseguiu Identificar O Parasita Que Causa A Infec O Trouxe A Esperan A Para O Ultimo Combate O Ajuste De Contas Final, Com Um Resulta Emocionante E Totalmente Inesperado A great cataclysmic finale to a story of biblical proportions, a story thats unearths a history as old as mankind A father and a son separated across the Atlantic, are two important characters in this third and grand finale of a book The father Dr Ephraim Goodweather, once a prominent epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has a very important role, for the end of times is near either for the humans or the vampire race For some reason, which will be unveiled in the book, Ephraim is drawn to the deciphering of the Lumen The Occido Lumen is an important book, a wanted book by The Master the evil leader of the vampires , it is a book of revelations to the vampires, just like the holy books of the humans It contains the creation and hist The Strain , Occido Lumen, .
The third book is absolute bullThe only reason I kept reading is because I kind of wanted to know how it ends, but importantly so I can record the bull and put it in my review So get thisYou know how Chernobyl crashed like 40 years ago, and you STILL need permits to go there, and there are STILL areas that are totally off limits cause they re very dangerous Well, apparently, this is not the way nuclear waste works in the universe of The StrainThere are going to be spoilers now, but I strongly advise you to click them and read them, cause I also advise you to NOT pick up this series view spoiler So, basically In the end of the second book a lot of nuclear plants were blown up, and if I m not mistaken, there were missiles launched as well The result Two months of radioactive rain and whatnot Oh, and minor detail because they certainly consider it MINOR in this Book 3 The Night Eternal of The Strain trilogy resumes with the resistance and The Born Mr Quinlan out to find and destroy The Master at his site of origin, but there is a traitor among them and another with his own agenda.
While there is a bit history and background information than necessary on howitall began in this finale, it was still full of action and very entertaining if you like this genre and accept it for what it is.
The ending was not exactly what I had hoped for, view spoiler with the deaths of Z Eph, and I found it surprising that when The Master was finally destroyed, all the unborn in the entire world were simultaneously eliminated, but it did bring the story to a tidy conclusion hide spoiler

The Strain Trilogy is comprised of three separate volumes published between 2009 and 2011 The Strain 2009 The Fall 2010 and The Night Eternal 2011 Written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, it chronicles a vampiric takeover of the world and the efforts of a band of humans to resist.
The trilogy as a whole is entertaining Certainly not with great literary quality but it will make, under Guillermo del Toro s direction, a heart stopping movie The writing is not bad I presume that the primary author is Chuck Hogan and, based only on the one novel of his that I have read, Prince of Thieves, he is talented As in Prince of Thieves, the action in the trilogy is charged, breathless and easy to follow All three books are quick reads that will keep you turning pages to the last.
Here is the real strength of the trilogy The vampires creations, I assume, from the imagination of Guillermo del One of the worst books I ve ever read Be warned, the following is full of spoilers This book is FULL of plot holes like suddenly, an epidemiologist is a freaking ninja, able to wield a sword against tens of vampires at the same time even though said vampires have 6 foot long stingers, so The vampire blood is now caustic since when and vampires frow wattles even though the Ancients didn t have theseAlso, apparently the UK is largely vampire free, due to being an island FYI, geography fans, the United Kingdom is England, Scotland, Walesand Northern Ireland So to be clear, Del Torro is trying to tell us that the island of England, Scotland and Wales that would be Great Britain PLUS Northern Ireland on a separate island are vamp free, whic A bit spoilerish but not too dangerousDisappointing end Not just the ending of the trilogy but the whole book It tasted so different if compared with the predecessors I don t even know where to start pointing out the things I dislike from this book The archangels and Sodom Gomora Old Testament tales are so ridiculous I spent much time frowning and shaking my head Too much deus ex machina here and there Why can t the authors make an original tale of the vampire creation And the romance between Ef, Nora, Vetbooooringgggg And Ef s inner battles His diary entries are ok, sometimes it s way too melodramatic and repetitive The big ending Yawn.
It felt like ages, reading this book It lost the arresting quality the first book has The scariest part is not about the vampires but when Zack killed a snow leopard sigh Scary level down to almost zero.
I am sure there will be a mov

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