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↠´ Sessiz Ev ☆ Download by Ú Orhan Pamuk Biri Tarih I, Biri Devrimci, Biri De Zengin Olmay Akl Na Koymu Torun Stanbul Yak Nlar Ndaki Cennethisar Kasabas Ndaki Babaannelerini Ziyaret Eder, Dedelerinin Yetmi Y L Nce Siyaset Y Z Nden S Rg N Edildi Inde Yapt Rd Evde Bir Hafta Kal Rlar Bu S Rede, Babaannelerinin Doksan Y Ll K An Larla Y Kl Ge Mi I A R A R Aralan Rken, Dedenin Do U Ile Bat Aras Ndaki U Urumu Bir Rp Da Kapataca N Sand B Y K Bir Ansiklopediyi Yaz Hat Rlan R Evde Sessiz G Zlemleriyle Ku Aklar Aras Nda K Pr Kuran Tan Klar, Bah E Duvarlar N N Tesinde Ise Aile Ile Ilgilenen Tutkulu Gen Lerin Hareketleri Vard R Sessiz Ev, Orhan Pamuk Un Ikinci Roman Yay Mland Nda Heyecanla Kar Lanm , Pek Ok Yabanc Dile Evrilmi , Yurt D Nda D Ller Alm T nce unu not edeyim nk s rekli k yasa gidece im gibi bir his var i imde bug ne kadar okudu um di er orhan pamuk romanlar kara kitap, yeni hayat, beyaz kale.
goodreads in verdi i tarihlere g re 14 g nde okumu um kitab ama sorsan z bana 4 g n gibi geliyor di erlerine g re ok daha ak c nk asl nda u an yaz tatilinde bir renci olsam zaten b rak n d rd , iki g nde bitirirdim kara kitap ve yeni hayat okurken ya ad n z o kitapla d v me hissi bu kitapta hi yok sanki kitapla birlikte cennethisar da y r yorsunuz bu elbette kitab k t bir kitap yapm yor amaahsi kanaatimce hi bir zaman kara kitap kadar iyi olamayacak olmas n n sebebi de bu kitab okurken inan lmaz keyif ald m ama kara kitap okurken ya ad m o ey , bunda yoktu ve olmas da imkans zd zaten dolay s yla ok sevdi im ve zaman zaman akl ma gelecek bir kitap olacak, oras bell Biri sevdi im birka kitab nermemi istedi inde akl ma gelen ilk 5 kitaptan biri D n p dola p sayfalar n kurcalay p okuyorum Bir tek sonundaki babaanne sahnesini okumuyorum nk onu ilk okudu umda inan lmaz vurulmu tum Edebiyattan al nabilecek zevkin en zirve noktas yd benim i in kinci okuyu umda ne olacak bilemedi imden ok ba ka bir zamana sakl yorum Orhan Pamuk okuyam yorum diyenlere de ba lang kitab olarak hep Sessiz Ev i neriyorum Asl nda i te herkese neriyorum.
originally published in Turkey in 1983 and now translated into English for the first time, Silent House Knopf is Orhan Pamuk s second novel Although the Nobel Prize winner makes no direct mention of the historical relevance of the book in the text itself, his story takes place roughly one month before the September 12, 1980 Turkish coup d tat, in which the Chief of the General Staff General Kenan Evren and the Turkish Armed Forces restored order after violence had broken out between right leaning nationalists and communists An Army contolled National Security Council then ruled Turkey until 1983, when democracy was restored.
So why is Silent House relevant to English language readers in 2012, almost thirty years after the book s publication The answer lies .
Turkey s on going modernization, real estate boom, and politics are the focus of this story, set in a small Turkish seaside city, we guess, around the 1970 s The book was originally published in Turkey in 1983 The plot is that three adult grandchildren make their obligatory annual summer visit to their 90 year old grandmother The grandmother is crotchety and demanding especially to her live in servant whom she alternately calls the dwarf or the bastard, the latter because he is a child of her dead husband s mistress Her grandchildren still haven t figured out their grandmother isn t capable of any reaction except disgust The Dwarf is the perfect servant, catering to the old lady s and everyone else s e I must be missing something vital in translation in theme Because this was the second book of Orhan Pamuk in as many weeks that I had zero possibly negative appreciation for Granted, this is a translation of a very old book and Snow is a fairly recent graduate of the Pamuk alum But, many of the themes that bothered me in Snow, bothered me here too I ll come to that in a minute.
Silent House is a story of a Turkish family headed by an old highly loathsome grandmother, Fatma She s ill and is looked after by a dwarf named Recep Her husband was a godless man, who spent his life drinking his raki and writing an encyclopedia and impregnating a housemaid Recep the dwarf is one of his progeny, the other is a lottery tick When I first started reading Orhan Pamuk s books I really struggledand ended up abandoning Snow and My Name Is read It just seemed to complex and I couldn t follow at all really.
But after reading Museum Of Innocence I really enjoyed this bookand started to feel I was understanding this great writers work.
Now I have finished Silent House.
which I really loved Now I really do want to go back and read his books that i have abandoned.
Silent House just captivated me The characters were really interestingand each chapter was in the voice of a different character.
At the end of I wanted to know even about Turkey and Istanbuland I think reading Organs books is a great way to do that I will go back and read Snow and My Name Is Red and his other workswith no fear of abandoni Sessiz Ev roman Silent House, Orhan Pamuk 1952 Silent House 1983 is Orhan Pamuk s second novel published after Cevdet Bey and His Sons The novel tells the story of a week in which 3 siblings go to visit their grandmother in Cennethisar, a small town near Istanbul Silent House consists of 32 chapters Each chapter is narrated from a different narrator s point of view in the first person The names of the five narrators in the novel in turn are Recep, Buyukhanim, Hasan, Faruk and Metin The narrator of the opening chapter is Recep and the narrator of the closing chapter is Buyukhanim Each of the narrators has a different number of chapters to tell Hasan has eight, Buyukhanim seven, Recep six, Faruk six, and Metin has five chapters 2008 1386 467 9789643623999 20 1390 431 9786002290410 1393 440 9789643519704 1393 364 9789642950362 1393 364 9789642 The book was almost painful to read A clash between the westernized intelligentsia and the nationalist poor, accompanied by sexual tensions, ends up in violence and death Everybody wishes well, but everybody hurts everybody else And upstairs stays a vicious traditionalist ninety years old grandmother who rejects everything and everybody.

Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul in 1952 and grew up in a large family similar to those which he describes in his novels Cevdet Bey and His Sons and The Black Book, in the wealthy westernised district of Nisantasi As he writes in his autobiographical book Istanbul, from his childhood until the age of 22 he devoted himself largely to painting and dreamed of becoming an artist After graduating fro