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[ Pdf Metro Winds Ù wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Isobelle Carmody ↠´ Metro Winds by Isobelle Carmody is a series of fairy tales for a YA or adult market not for children , presented as short stories and one novella in one volume Most of these are original stories with one notable retelling of a classic tale, reimagined in the most creative way I ve read to date It s very difficult to talk about short stories without giving away spoilers so I recommend listening to Isobelle s author talk and reading for information she presents Metro Winds beautifully, better than I, plus added bonus she explains why it s been so hard for her to finish the Obernewtyn Chronicles Many of Isobelle s fairy tales are in two or three acts the introduction where the background is established and the reader meets key characters, a transition that is sometimes a transition point and at others a I m going to be honest, this was a really difficult read Some of the short stories were extremely interesting and I would have enjoyed an entire novel on these, however others were very slow paced and required significant effort to finish I particularly liked Metro Winds and The Girl Who Could See The Wind these were the reason that I still gave the book 2 stars I would recommend only these two short stories The stories were all fantasy based and many bore resembles to old fairytales which was quite interesting to read The main part that I liked about these stories is that they were able to combine childhood stories with a dark twist which added depth and dynamics to the collection.
An Engrossing Collection Of Stories From One Of Australia S Most Loved Fantasy Writers, And Creator Of The Acclaimed Obernewtyn ChroniclesA Girl Is Sent Across The World To Discover Her Destiny In The Dark Tunnels Of The Metro Another Seeks A Lost Sister In A Park Where Winter Lasts Forever A Young Man Fulfils A Dying Wish A Mother Works Magic To Summon A True Princess For Her Son A Man Seeks An Ending To His Story An Old Man Goes In Search Of His ShadowThis Is A World Of Desire And Transformation, The Real And The Not Real, From The Queen Of Modern Fantasy I was very disappointed by this collection from a favourite author I think the main reason was because throughout the book, just about the only consistent strain from story to story was an aggressively inevitable heterosexuality sometimes defined by absence and shadow but nevertheless where a woman s main narrative purpose whether she is a main character or background is to fulfil the purposes and desires of others through actually or symbolically being joined with a man or in one case pierced by something other than a man in a particularly gory coming of age Women in the story achieve their identity through masochism and through fulfilment of other in some way and men are at times devoured or tainted by their connection with a woman but the whole thing is horr It was a little strange, but it wasn t too bad.
This review originally appeared in Viewpoint On books for Young AdultsMetro Winds is a collection of six stories of the fantastic and faerie The back cover suggests that this collection is aimed at adult readers who have grown up reading and enjoying Carmody s work, a market which I fit into quite well, having started with Obernewtyn in about 1993 aged 13 , and followed that up with reading almost every book she published thereafter.
In the title story Metro Winds , a young girl is sent to live with her aunt, who is quickly unnerved by the girl s cool and fearless interest in the less savoury aspects of the city Alone in the underground network of the metro tunnels, the girl discovers something that no one else can see, and with it the nature of her destiny In The Dove Game , a jackeroo travels to Paris to fulfil the dying wish of a stranger On being cajoled to a I ve been a fan of the Obernewtyn Chronicles as well as the Legendsong for quite some time, so I picked up Isobelle Carmody s latest offering with an expectation of dreamy, immersive fantasy This expectation was only partially met Though all six stories contain fantastical elements, all are grounded in our world Further, there is a literary quality to the writing than I am used to for this author, which also meant I spent some time adjusting The first story, Metro Winds , is about a young girl who moves to live with her aunt in the city and becomes drawn to the tunnels of the metro The writing in this story is simply beautiful there is a poetic, magical quality to it, almost as if it s for children I foun

Reread April 2017 I am bumping my rating up to 4 stars this time around.
Young Mel was wrong about this book This time the stories that I didn t like much in 2013 were my favourite I loved The Girl Who Could See the Wind and The Wolf Prince Just as with Green Monkey Dreams Stories, I no longer found these stories too complex In fact, it was the complexity that I loved about these two stories I loved the how rich the world was, despite them being short stories I loved how real the characters were and how they were neither all good or all bad, but morally grey I enjoyed how both romantic relationships and mother child relationships was explored One of my favourite things about this book, and Carmody s writ The death of a parent pulls away one half of the sky so that a weird light is cast upon all ordinary things The Girl Who Could See the Wind I am currently in awe of this book right now The slow pull of each short story as it builds and transforms reality into fantasy is breathtaking I love the details of each character s lives and their travels With a collection of really good stories, I usually have to put down the book after reading one I d still be inside the first story which is why I did not plunge through the whole collection at a break neck speed Metro Winds blends a fairy tale like atmosphere with an underground reality for a character who is just discovering her world I liked how it was told from both the girl s and her aunt s perspectives There are also hints of the Persephone myth The Dove i hated it.
i only 2 star bc wolf prince wasn t torture to read that all u get from me smfh.

Isobelle Carmody began the first novel of her highly acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles while she was still in high school The series has established her at the forefront of fantasy writing in Australia.In addition to her young adult novels, such as the Obernewtyn Chronicles and Alyzon Whitestarr, Isobelle s published works include several middle grade fantasies Her still unfinished Gateway Trilogy