Download Epub Format Ä Dirty Harry #1: Duel for Cannons PDF by ò Dane Hartman

Download Epub Format Ä Dirty Harry #1: Duel for Cannons PDF by ò Dane Hartman Dirty Harry The Crimebuster Nothing Can Stop, Not Even The Law Dirty Harry Callahan Blasts His Way From The Mean Streets Of San Francisco To The Blazing Byways Of San Antonio His Target A Crime Boss Who S Got The Whole Town, Including The Cops, Under His Thumb Harry S All Alone Now, With Nothing But A Magnum And A Bagful Of Dirty Tricks Between Him And Instant Death Book one of this series picks up after the first three Dirty Harry movies It refers a lot to those films throughout This might not be on par with the films, but for action fiction, it was pretty nice.
A cop on holiday is murdered in front of his family It turns out to be a professional hit Dirty Harry knew, and oddly, liked the man, so he goes to Texas on his own dime to find out why What he finds is a money machine in motion with the police force mostly paid off Harry digs deeper to find the out why The ending to this thing is what dragged it from three stars to four.
I just happened to stumble upon this action packed number in an antique shop I had no idea there was a Dirty Harry book series set after the movies It reads pretty much exactly like one of the movies and I could really feel Clint Eastwood s influence on the character It started fast and it just kept speeding up without any slowing Lots of heads being blown off, coarse language, and Harry gets to ask his famous question Do I feel lucky As a fan of the television show The Rifleman, I laughed out loud at a reference to the classic on page 157 Another shotgun owner popped up from behind the righthand couch He also held the weapon at stomach level, so his shot ground into the floor two feet in front of Harr Ric Meyers hits it on the head here with his first Dirty Harry spin off He captures the flavor of the character very well A solid pulp thriller.
The showdown at the Alamo was a nice touch.
Somewhat dated, but still a good pulpy cop thriller The plot reads like a screenplay for a Dirty Harry movie and frankly it wouldn t surprise me if this was a novelization of an unproduced script or concept.
Decent action book with Dirty Harry travelling to San Antonio for a showdown with crooked cops and an Assassin Manages to get the entire do you feel lucky scene put in and ramps up the gore level Without the movies as background I don t know if this would work as well but while reading you totally picture Eastwood saying and doing everything.
Dirty Harry 1 Duel For Cannons by Dane Hartman Ric Meyers Texas sheriff Boris Tucker and his family are in California on vacation, to get away from the maddening political corruption in San Antonio However, Boss Hannibal Striker a wetback named Ed Villavada is in control of the political system as well as crooked cops, and sends a gunslinger named Sweetboy Williams to kill him Tucker is a friend of Harry Callihan, however, and Sweetboy wants to lead Dirty Harry to San Antonio for a real gunfight at the Alamo Leaving enough clues for Harry to follow, it doesn t take long for Dirty Harry s brand of justice to start taking hold This was the first of a new paperback series based on the popular film series of the same name, which would run for a total of 12 issues Thoroughly enjoyable, as San Antonio was once my own stomping grounds, and t A pretty enjoyable book It captures Clint Eastwood into print really well and plot was really good Matter of fact it was like reading a novelisation of a Dirty Harry movie that i ve somehow never seen However the pacing in some parts here and there was nt the best But i still enjoyed it anyway But i still recommend to all Dirty Harry or Clint Eastwood fans.
I give it a 7.
5 10 Definitely a novel of the time late 70 s early 80 s pulpish, tightly written, Mass Market Paperback to the core, not a whole lot of going Inside the characters heads, but Holy Crap can you see it unfold exactly as a movie inside yours Dane Hartman argh, its a house name nails Eastwood mostly by the character actor ticks and traits but he does it amazingly also a Very Quick Read, I made it half way through in a little less than an hour Def Recommended as a quick read if you like the movies.

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