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[Tessa Gratton] ↠´ The Blood Keeper [japan PDF] Ebook Epub Download ç For Mab Prowd, Blood Magic Is As Natural As Breathing She Spends Her Days On A Secluded Kansas Farm With Other Blood Witches, Practicing Spells For Healing And Trying To Avoid Boring Lessons Like Algebra And History Wild And Confident, Mab Uses Magic To Understand Her Entire World But When One Of Mab S Spells Mistakenly Taps Into A Powerful, Long Dormant Curse, She Finds Her Magic Spinning Out Of Control And Crashing Right Into Will Sanger, A Boy From Town Will Has Always Relied On The Logical, Tangible Things In His Life, Like His Dogs, His Soccer Team, And Even His Complicated Family So He Tries To Dismiss All He Sees And Feels Around Mab Still, The Strangeness And Beauty Of Her Magic Draw Him In As Will And Mab Grow Closer, The Unbound Curse Grows Stronger Hiding In The Shadows Of The Forest, It Seeks To Manipulate Will And Gain Mab S Power Even If That Means Destroying Everything They Love This cover redesign is tragic.
Many of you will remember that Blood Magic was my favourite book last year I loved it utterly, and I ve been wanting this one for a while Initially I was disappointed to see that this book followed new characters and not the ones I had come to know and love However, I dove in wanting to be back in the world and back in Tessa Gratton s head I have found myself dreaming about this world for the better part of a year In The Blood Keeper Nick and Silla take a backseat to new characters Will and Mab Will has been struggling to tell his family a truth about his future plans Mab lives separate from the regular world in a place steeped in magic and legacy The two come together early on when Mab s magic has gotten away from her Now Will is cursed and his well being has taken a turn for the worst Mab has to reach deep into herself to prove herself worthy of the mag At first I wasn t enjoying this is much as the first in the series but as the story moved along I grew to love it even than the first This book is absolutely stunning I loved the concept of blood magic in the first book and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn about it and how intricate it truly is The concept of the curse brought an extra element to the story that I absolutely freaking adored And I loved the glimpses of the characters I grew to love from the first book I fell in love with the new characters we were introduced to in this one as well This series is creepy and fascinating and an absolute must read The Blood Keeper is a book that started off smoothly and had everything I loved blood magic, action, and mystery however it didn t continue like that A few days after reading the initial hundred pages or so, I picked it up again and to my great disappointment, it soon felt like a completely new book.
This book is actually a sequel, something I didn t find out till a few moments before writing this review I didn t even suspect it since this book felt like a standalone From what I see, the first book has nothing to do with this book please correct me if I m wrong however.
There are three POVs in The Blood Keeper Mab s, Will s and Evie s Mab s POV and Will s POV are very similar, the only difference being Mab knows what she s doing and Will is basically doing what ever Mab wants He s so infuriatingly spineless He needs to be saved every few minutes and he never seems to stop fainting ok, I Casually crying because Nick and Silla s not in this book.
I absolutely loved Gratton s debut novel, Blood Magic Despite the outrageous amount of blood talk, I still thought it was purely unique and wonderfully dark and Nick and Silla really made the experience worth while I m always a bit nervous reading companion books to some of my favorite stories Same eerie world but different characters As much as I did enjoy this book, I still liked the first one justalittle bit sorry Crystal p With that said, The Blood Keeper is still deliciously dark, creatively creepy and cunningly captivating Tessa Gratton is a fantastic writer The way she describes the magical scenes were so longingly descriptive and passionatly emphasized Making the plot standout just a little bit straighter then the first book I m not going to bother talking about the plot since I think readers would understand it better when they experience it rathe One of the most fucked up books I ve read this year.
The Blood Keeper is a dark magical story that takes time and patience to get into, but is well worth the effort It s a companion novel to Blood Magic with previous characters showing up, but focused on a whole new cast In this story, there are two POVs in the present, Mab and Will, and one from the past, Evie.
Mab is the new Deacon, a leader and guide of the blood witches, after Arthur the previous Deacon passed away Arthur, Grandma Lyn, Donna and a hodge podge group living at The Pink House are of a family to Mab than her own mother, Josephine Her mother dropped her off there when she was two years old, only visiting and staying occasionally We know from Blood Magic, Josephine was busy tracking down and stalking her love, or accurately, her obsession, Philip This ended tragically for Josephine, Philip, and his wife This and other reviews can be found on Reading Between ClassesCover Impressions On it s own, this cover might have been ok The imagery is nice, the colors work well together and the runes invite further examination But when compared with the cover for its predecessor, it is less than impressive I do not like it when the covers of a series do not fit with each other and this certainly does not fit with the gloriously gothic and unique cover for Blood Magic.
The Gist Mab Prowd has been raised to be the Deacon of her family s blood land Magic to her is as natural as breathing and she has dedicated her life to the practice When she stumbles across Will Sanger and inadvertently allows him a glimpse into this world, Will finds both beauty and terror and Mab finds herself embroiled in the fight of her life.
Review During the first half of The Blood Keeper I wa