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↠´ Brain over Binge î Download by Ö Kathryn Hansen This book is poorly written and poorly organized It is opinionated rambling at best If you are looking for a very personal antidote of ONE person s journey, this is it To me that was not helpful It was very boring to trudge through and I ll admit that I only made it half way I probably wouldn t be so bitter if I hadn t paid nearly 16 for this useless information.
my prefrontal cortex This is a very interesting new way of looking at obsessive behaviors It s worth a try, and I love the message that I m all I need.
my lower brain What a horror Imagine you being responsible for your actions Imagine you being able to stop them at any given time Imagine not having deeply rooted problems that make you do things which are beyond your control I find the prospect nauseating, gimme food At moments I got annoyed with her just stop attitude woman if I could I would have already but I think she is aware of how simplistic it sounds, hence all the repetitiveness The idea I took most offense to, and simultaneously the one I needed desperately in my life is that recovery isn t conditioned by transparent happiness Rec Brain over Binge Provides Both A Gripping Personal Account And An Informative Scientific Perspective On Bulimia And Binge Eating Disorder The Author, Kathryn Hansen, Candidly Shares Her Experience As A Bulimic And Her Alternative Approach To Recovery Brain over Binge Is Different Than Other Eating Disorder books Which Typically Present Binge Eating And Purging As Symptoms Of Complex Emotional And Psychological Problems Kathryn Disputes This Mainstream Idea And Explains Why Traditional Eating Disorder Therapy Failed Her And Fails Many She Explains How She Came To Understand Her Bulimia In A New Way As A Function Of Her Brain, And How She Used The Power Of Her Brain To Recover Quickly And Permanently Kathryn Also Sheds New Light On Eating Disorder Topics Such As Low Self Esteem, Poor Body Image, And Dieting Brain over Binge Is A Brave Book That Will Help Many By Delivering An Informed And Inspiring Message Of Free Will, Self Reliance, And Self Control This author has hit the nail on the head I have been searching my entire life for a way to stop binge eating Therapy and counselling don t work Restrictive diets don t work It s all about the brain and how it processes information Only someone who has experienced the onset of binge behaviour could have found this solution The info in this book can be applied to any compulsive or addictive behaviour I m hoping that a month from now I will ten pounds lighter and binge free without counting calories and obsessing over exercise.
She has a new way to cure bulimia, but I despised everytime she said just don t do it Self indued vomit is way harder to stop, specially when it is simpler everytime you do so Yeah, binge eating is annoying but she doesn t embrace the fact of free time When you stop doing behaviours you have so much free time, even if you have friends, school, or work That s one of the things that she didn t talk about, that a lot of people tend to fall back because it s the thing they do on their free time plus other times too Also, she was like just stop, it is easy and things like that and I just couldn t accept that It made me feel like a huge failure because I ve been in treatment for a whole year and before this, I tried to stop on my own, and I couldn t do it I failed to stop binge eating everytime, hence why my mother made me go to therapy She never threw up good for her As others have said, this book isn t long but it could have been half as long SO repetitive I don t really understand how an author gets a book about a health condition published when they admit in the prologue that they don t remember where most of their sources came from What even is this Kathryn Hansen s solution for recovering from bulimia or Binge Eating Disorder is both irritating and empowering in its simplicity Just stop binge eating For those of us that are stuck in the cycles of destructive behavior, that doesn t seem like much of a life raft to throw us And yet, it resonated with me The core of Hansen s argument is that once we realize the urges to binge eat comes from a primal part of our brain and not the advanced, decision making part of our brain, we can disassociate with the urges, ignore them, and break the habit We can also recognize that every single binge is a decision we had control over Hansen disagrees with the vast majority of ED therapy Typical therapy seeks to find the root emotional cause of bingeing, whether it be anxiety, depression, or childhood trauma This has become almost common knowledge,

If this book has helped or does help somebody, then great, but it also contains somewhere around, oh, a metric ton of terrible, even potentially dangerous, advice that is based in bad science, and I worry that for every person this book helps, it could be harming a hundred I m not an expert in the functioning of the brain by any stretch I sell tea for a living , but even I know that the author is way off in her interpretation of brain structures if I were being less kind, I would say the author is way off in her regurgitation of Trimpey s interpretation of brain structures, since most of the ideas contained in this book seem to be block quotes with the word bulimia subbed in for alcoholism , but I digress What Hansen asserts as being distinct regions of the brain that battle each other for control are actually bizarre combinations of all sorts of different parts of the I had this book on my wish list for a long time before buying, and now I am kicking myself for having done so Even though the reviews were so great, I was put off by the anecdotal spin on the book, and didn t like the language of animal brain and human brain even though I knew right away the technical terms for the parts of the brain she was referring toI don t like the terms she uses I am someone who prefers science based health information and tends to read n 1 experiments with a oh, interesting I ll wait to learn to see if there s something in it However, with this book, there was no need because I recognised right away that she was not selling a miracle cure but a way of thinking about recovery that is worth trying, especially for those of us who are turned off by traditional therapies.
My story mirrors hers in many ways, including that f

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