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Trailer à A Fine Family PDF by Ê Gurcharan Das I felt that this story of three generations of a punjabi family from pre independance india to Indira Gandhi s emergency could have been a great novel , an epic saga of the changing times with each character vying for centre place but instead i thought it was of a hurried chronicle of the family history i found the writing a bit too detached to start with As soon as one started getting personal with the characters , the story moved on The last phase , bombay was the most enjoyable to read with the pace picking up quite a bit and also the writing was smoothed out as if the author finally settled down into the right rhythm I started to appreciate the authors penmanship in the last few chapters of the book Stories of partition have always touched me whether its Toba Tek Singh by Manto or Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh or Gulzars Short stories All these tragedies are similar to the story of my grandfather who left his Home and farms in Pakistan and came to India, he also told me how his entire savings were taken during the journey.
While reading this book, I felt the pain of the countless women who were physically abused, these incidents prove that deep down every individual is filled with FILTH and they exercise their power when they know they will not punished.
I feel Its not the MORALS that is stopping people from doing the wrong thing but the FEAR of LAW

I really really enjoyed this book A sweeping narrative from the 1940s India to the years following the Emergency provides a backdrop to the story of a family dealing with change and a new country taking shape I loved the story and how real the characters, flawed and complex I liked Bauji s character a whole lot, he was complicated and layered and in some ways represented the new country, full of new dreams and hopes I liked the first half of the book way better than the latter half Arjun wasn t the most exciting character to read about, Priti interesting to read about but I wish there was about her and Karan s relationship Overall, I highly recommend this book Well may be i was expecting a really worthwhile read from Gurcharan das , but disappointed by this , the story which runs thru the three generations has actually no soul , the focus changes on and off from one character to another and come back to same character without any definition identity creation of each character , the books touches pre independence , post independence , emergency , naxal movement , china war and whatnot , but nothing really came out to full exposure.
I just wonder why such a wonderful book is neglected and not discussed by people reading south asian literature I took a long gap in between Started it up yesterday Would recommend it to all.
A bit of history, lots of emotions A poignant tale of love, passion, hatred, communal riots during partition of IndiaAlso a bit of the Emergency years.
Review was goog Frankly speaking, the language is easy to read and the story interwoven between reality and fiction It does have the ingredients of a novel but it doesn t fetch you the fun of reading as compared to R.
K Narayan and Satyait Ray s Feluda kind of vigor.
I might be a victim of following him for quite some time now I did a grave mistake of reading all books of his one after other, that might have made me lose interest as there are repetitions here and there and you tend to skip some pages and later some parts of the entire story It will still be engaging if you are reading it for the first time and haven t read other books of his.
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Gurcharan Das Punjabi , Hindi , born October 3, 1943 , is an Indian author, commentator and public intellectual He is the author of The Difficulty of Being Good On the subtle art of dharma which interrogates the epic, Mahabharata His international bestseller, India Unbound, is a narrative account of India from Independence to the global Information Age, and has been pub