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[Julian Barnes] Ï England, England [fandom PDF] Read Online ↠´ I ran out of books to read at home, so I went to my college stack in hopes of finding something interesting This book was given to me by a professor during office hours I don t remember who it was, or why she decided that I would enjoy it, but I ended up not reading it and apparently not returning it My bad.
The premise of this novel is strange It centers around a powerful businessman s idea to create an ideal England on an island as a tourist attraction, showcasing all the hallmarks of typical England but without the blemishes of modern culture Caught in the mix is Martha Cochrane, a middle aged woman who feels left behind in life.
The book itself is very high culture and self referential, often stopping to make long, philosophical treatises on Considering the fact that I m being forced to read this for my super dull post colonialism unit for college, I have reluctantly grown to enjoy it But of course, I will never admit it to my professor.
Jerry Batson, Qui Se D Finit Comme Un Accoucheur D Id Es , Va En Vendre Une Assez Sensationnelle Sir Jack Pitman, Un Excentrique Milliardaire Cr Er Sur L Le De Wight Une Sorte De Gigantesque Parc D Attractions Rassemblant Tout Ce Qu Il Y A De Plus Typique, De Plus Connu En Angleterre Cela Va Des Blanches Falaises De Douvres Manchester United, De Buckingham Palace Stonehenge, Du Mausol E De La Princesse Diana Au Th Tre De ShakespeareLe Projet Est Monstrueux, Hautement Risqu , Et Voil Qu Il Se R V Le Tre Un Norme Succ S La Copie Va T Elle Surpasser L original Et Qu Adviendra T Il Si C Est Elle Que Les Touristes Pr F Rent Visiter F Rocement Dr Le, Dr Lement Impitoyable, Impitoyablement Au Vitriol, Voil Un Portrait De L Angleterre Comme On N En Avait Encore Jamais Vu The hardest books for me to review are the ones that I objectively think are quite good, but that, for whatever reason, I didn t actually like very much This is one of those.
On the one hand, I want to tell people don t bother with this one, it left me feeling very meh On the other, I think back on it and it was all very well put together, filled with fleshed out characters and unique ideas, and with some parts that bordered on magnificent Maybe if I d been in a different mood, maybe if I d paid it attention, maybe if I were a little smarter, I would have absolutely loved it Who knows In any case, I can t think of anything empirical to complain about.
The big maybe if in this case, is Maybe if I were English, or knew a bit about England, I would have liked this book better I ve never been to the UK, never been much of an Anglophile What I know about England has been Now that I ve read Flaubert s Parrot and A History of the World in 10 1 2 Chapters both incredibly clever and wonderful books, I like this novel even less than I did when I read it as my first Julian Barnes a few years ago Everything I remember about it is cringe worthy, though I must admit I don t really remember that much a lot of gratuitous badly written sex and something about Englishness, American tourists and culture as entertainment It s just bizarre and somehow spiteful coming from England s most Francophone contemporary writer There are better Julian Barnes books one could read instead of this one.
This was not my book as much as i liked the noise of time , so much i disliked this one This is a talmes balmes of intelectually constructed phrases aimed at nothing really Or the message of this book was so cryptic, that i didnt get it I found it dull, boring So as there are a lot of better books waiting to be read, i have just turned the pages till the last one reading between the lines It started really good, the first part was full of lyric And starting with the second part it got worse.
It is about copying the original, producing a copy which is aimed to be better than the original Ok, and Is it about patriotism, is it about Martha, is it about sex, is it about relationships, is it about distorted reality I dont know really I dont know what I read At least for the first 3 4 of the book If you have another alternative to this b Damage is a normal part of childhood I think I missed the entire point of this book.
This book is in three parts.
In Part I, England, a young girl absorbs the leaving of her father She had a puzzle of the map of England Her father would hide one piece Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire And when her puzzle was done except for that one piece, HE would magically find it Nottinghamshire was missing when HE went missing too All of Julian Barnes brilliance is here And this brief opening will break your heart.
In Part II, England, England, Martha Cochrane, that precocious girl, is now a wizened young woman She s wonderful She passes an interview to work for an entrepreneur and becomes a resident cynic for that wealthy man set on a new idea, creating a doppelganger country of Old England, a hi tech amusement park that recreates all of England s history Crazily, it works An island with no government, just a place governed by contract and the whim of a business

This is the first work by Barnes I ve given less than 4 stars, though I thought the first section detailing Martha s childhood and formation of character was great Then the book went downhill for me, as another character, Sir Jack, took center stage in the second, and longest, section I have no problem at all with unlikable characters I don t need to like a character to enjoy a work , but so many times when readers say they dislike books because there are no likable characters, I wonder if what they might really mean is that the characters are boring, which is how I found Sir Jack I understand he is part of the satirical, farcical nature of this section, but that didn t stop him from boring me, as did some of the rather long passages that lay out the progression of the Isle of Wight s becoming England, England Unfortunately , the third section was al Okay, let me start by saying that Julian Barnes is obviously very intelligent He is witty and intelligent and well read BUT this book is obnoxious It s not the worst book I ve ever read by any means.
it is smart and funny in parts and he has a point but the language is pretentious and showy You have to have an English degree to get through this book which I am in the process of obtaining Overall, it is inaccessible So if his point is that we prefer simulacra over the original and society has become complacent, lazy, etc.
, with this novel, he is only preaching to people who agree with him because only people who would probably agree with him would take the time to try to understand this novel Additionally, it was boring I fell asleep at least 5 times while trying to get through this book That has never happened to

Julian Patrick Barnes is a contemporary English writer of postmodernism in literature He has been shortlisted three times for the Man Booker Prize Flaubert s Parrot 1984 , England, England 1998 , and Arthur George 2005 , and won the prize for The Sense of an Ending 2011 He has written crime fiction under the pseudonym Dan Kavanagh.Following an education at the City of London School